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SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide for SEO 2020

Search engine optimization can be challenging for beginner’s to understand, and you need guide for SEO, and I will reveal the secret behind SEO in this post

Do you need guide for SEO to drive unlimited traffic to your website, however keeping tab with all the unique elements like Google algorithm changes, building links, and to drive free unlimited traffic to your site can be so challenging

That’s why we have created this guide for SEO post for you to understand the secret behind search engine optimization. As a business organization that provide search engine optimization services, we have find out that guide for SEO is the best way to bring unlimited free traffic to your site

The worst part of it is that, not all of them can have ability to pay SEO agency with their sky-rocked price they are charging. So if you have a team that need to build SEO to their website, then I advise you to share this rich article with them.

If you are a novice to search engine optimization or you want a refreshes path for your student, you will find this information useful to your guide for SEO journey

You will learn the following Contents in this post:

Chapter 1: What is SEO

Chapter 2: The search engine optimization Process Plan

Chapter 3: What is search engine marketing Keyword Research?

Chapter 4: What is On-page SEO?

Chapter 5: What is Off-page SEO?

Chapter 6: The search engine optimization internet site Audit

Chapter 7: web optimization reporting

Let’s begin with the definition of what Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

Chapter 1: What is the working definition for SEO?

SEO is the system of maximizing the wide variety of traffic to a precise website by ensuring  the site is appears high  on the listing of result bring up  by search engine.

“The key to getting more visitors lies in integrating content material with search engine optimization and social media marketing”

Most instances people confuse search engine optimization for branded traffic.

Assuming somebody goes to google and type a term and google bring up our site on the first page, that is not SEO

But SEO include a system of ensuring that the site appear high on the listing of result bring up by search engine

“Therefore SEO can be described as the manner of growing visibility and rating for a precise keyword so as to drive natural organic site visitors to a website.”

The vital keynotes right here are;

Why is web optimization Important?

We understand that search engine optimization is about driving natural and organic site visitors to a website, however why do we want such traffic. Here are some extraordinary data to show the significance of search engine optimization to a website.

  • 61% of all on-line customers do a lookup on line earlier than making a buy
  • There are over 160+billion searches performed on Google month-to-month 
  • 93% of all on-line buy commence with a Google Search 
  • 70% of customers will click on on the natural checklist of a SERP 
  • 75% of customers by no means scroll previous the first web page of a SERP
  • SEO leads receives 14.6% greater shut fee than outbound calls 

If you are nonetheless wondering about how to start affiliate marketing from the beginning then you get the comprehensive guild here

For any online company to flourish online, it has to generate free natural and organic traffic to their website through SEO.

Importance of search engine optimization

To have a right draw close of SEO, it is essential that we recognize most of the keyword that can rank high like long tail keyword, we will reveal to you in this guide .

This is no longer an exhaustive list. You can find some amazing few  terminology we are going to explain them in detail here and this can assist you in your SEO journey.

Organic site traffic : Organic traffic refers to the method of driving free traffic to your site through search engine which usually, in this case, is referred to as web optimization or Search Engine Optimization

Non-organic site traffic : Non-organic visitors is traffic that arrive at your website through other mean like social media, electronic mail advertising and marketing things to do etc

Keywords : Keywords are phrases that or a crew of phrases people type when they use search engines like Google to lookup something online

Keyword Research : Keyword Research refers to a collection of procedure carried out to perceive search phrases known as Keywords which people use when they are getting to know subjects on-line the usage of search engines like Google, Bing etc

Backlinks: Backlinks are references to some other website from any different website

Link building:  Link Building is the procedure of actively searching for potential to earn backlinks


Dofollow link: This is a links that give or provide authority which is refer t link juice

NoFollow link : This is one-way links that do now not skip authority or what is recognized as hyperlink juice

SERP : This is the abbreviation for a search engine end result web page which is the web page a user’s sees when they search for facts online

Google ranking factor:  A sequence of elements that are believed to be used with the aid of Google when they consider on how to rank webpages on their SERP

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Chapter 2: The search engine marketing Process Plan

When people commence to assume of search optimization, they strive a lot.

They are striving not because they don’t know  what they are doing however surely due to the fact they don’t have a conceivable plan.

SEO is no longer something you simply soar into. You should recognize how every phase works collectively to produce the result.

This approach is what we name the web optimization procedure plan.

For SEO project, there are four fundamental stage

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  • SEO Audit to know which phase of your web site desires attention.
  • Keyword Research to comprehend the proper keyword to rank for
  • On web page Optimization – this is when you genuinely make your website search engine friendly. People commonly name it technical SEO
  • Content optimization: This is when you write search engine optimization content material for your website.
  • Link building – this stage is when you begin to build links either by earn it or get it

The final thing is repeating the degrees all over once more however this time with a exclusive mindset.

The relaxation of this post is going to be primarily based on the 4 technique listed above. We will take a look at each of the procedure and look at the things to do that are worried when every segment is been implemented.

Chapter 3: What is SEO Keyword Research?

Now that we have understood what SEO is all about, let us get into a very critical section of an search engine marketing mission – figuring out the key-word phrase to use in your campaign.

Most searches online commence with a set of phrases.

A  searcher who is search for information online or searching for simply buying online, that is to buy something, will start their search with a set of what is referred to as keyword.

It is essential that we recognize how to lookup for keyword that is perfume very well on search engine.

Not all key-word phrases are the same. Some are in simple terms transactional; in any other case is information.

It is integral that you differentiate between these three kinds of keyword i.e. selecting the proper one for the exceptional pages on your website So that you are able to

  • Get people who are sincerely ready or purchase to make transaction on your site
  • Get people who are in the early segment of the buy funnel (top of funnel customers) to get to see your website so you can now similarly nurture them and in the end convert them.

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on simply one phase of the client however to be in a position to see the result, you have to do focal point on each facets of the divide.

Get Ready to learn how to do key-word research?

Let’s go

  • Write down the most essential phrases to your business. One or two phrase is okay.
  • Go to Google and type it in. List the website ranking for these phrases. We will come back to this later
  • Look at the bottom side of Google Search Engine end result page. Add related phrase you locate there to your preliminary list
  • List them  down these listing to at most  4
  • Go to your favorite key-word tool. For this exercise, we will be using of ubbersuggest.
  • Input your phrases.
  • Click gets ideas.
  • Download your files
  • Go again to the end result in 2 above. paste every of these rivals site into SEMrush.
  • Download the key-word the using key-word analysis tool.

Now you need to have a big listing of key phrases to play round with.

The subsequent step is crucially as necessary as the steps you took to create your list.

Now go through the keywords.

  • You wish to select key phrases with high volume with high commercial value and use them on your home pages and service page. Note right here that volume is relative. Depending on your niche, your standards for quantity will be exceptional from people with a lot of quantity in their niche.
  • The 2nd set of key phrases you choose to pull out are key phrases with low business values however high volume. These units of key phrases are going to be used as building blocks for the blog’s content. If you cautiously look to be at these units of keywords, you will discover that it contains phrases that match top marketing content. The reason is to drive people who are still looking solution to their problem and are still in the early stage of the customer journey stumble to your site.


By an innovative aggregate of special presentation and extraordinary landing pages, you can get them to subscribe to your newsletter or use re-targeting to drive them back to other web pages on your site that you want them to visit.

Now that you have these set of keywords, it is time to build out the format of your website the usage of facts structure to healthy applicable pages to the best keywords.

Chapter 4: What is On web page SEO?

Understanding how key phrases work and discover them is typically a very fascinating procedure for most people.

I see this each and every time I educate or share the technique above with beginners to website SEO at our website SEO Training Academy.

But having a big listing of key phrases without understanding how to optimize them for your site is simply a wasted effort.

If you remember, the motives we are doing Search Engine Optimization in even the first vicinity is to perceive collection of phrase we relevant to our site to show up for so we can drive natural and organic site visitors to our site in the first place.

This mean we genuinely have to pick out the proper pages on our site and then make the web page, we have recognized proper for that key-word phrase.

That is why in these sections, I will be sharing with you how to optimize a precise web page on your web site for a targeted keyword.

If you like, you can get this on-page web optimization Checklist so you have it handy.

How to optimize a site for your targeted keyword

Optimizing a key-word is normally what most people name technical SEO. When conducting technical SEO, you desire to make sure that your web page meets the minimal Google requirement for a website.

You want to recognize that a full technical website positioning goes past simply optimizing webpage for a key-word however getting these on-page issue proper is at best, the minimal aspect to do.

So let’s expect you to have recognized a precise key-word e.g dog education collar and you choose to optimize your web page for it.

What are the element you should to look for and the place where you put these key phrases on any specific web page on your site?

Where to Place Your Target Keywords on a Web Page

For you to be able to complete this chapter, you will want a accurate search engine optimization plug-in for your site if you are the using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. If your website online is hand coded I. e naked PHP or easy HTML, then I expect you have to know of how to put into effect the recommendations below.

Here is the guide on how to add a SEO plugin to your site.

Moving on!

Here are the place you ought to place your targeted key-word on your website.

Title tag: Perhaps the most essential factor on your website, your key-word need to show up in the title of your page.

The title tag is the first place a search robotic will seem to be at to apprehend the content material of your website online so you want to make certain you give them clue as early as possible.

There are distinctive format for writing the title tag of your page.

For the home page, use the following format

  • Brand name/keyword phrase
  • For different pages, use the format
  • Primary keyword/brand name

So the use of our example, if we have been optimizing our home page, we will have something like

My brand title / Dog education collar

While if it was once different pages like a provider page, it will be

Dog coaching collar/brand name

If it was once a landing web page or a web page the place you anticipated them to convert, you will

Buy canine coaching collar/brand name

Moving on!

For most people, the title tag is simply enough. But you prefer to supply your net web page a superior chance, so we are going to use the equal phrase and optimize the ultimate sections on the net web page

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2. Meta description:-The 2d region you want your key-word phrase is the Meta description of your website.

The Meta description is the section a person sees when they search for query online.

A Meta description is essential due to the fact they put together a searchers thought on what they anticipate to see when they go to the page.

That is why we trust that the Meta description is as necessary as the title tag.

If you write a higher Meta description for your page, searches are going to be curious and what to see what you have to offer.

When searches begin clicking on your  site and they don’t bounce, Google is going to reward you through pushing your  site excessive up on the SERP.

This is why it makes a lot of experience to write a desirable Meta description.

So how do you write a suitable Meta description for your website?

  • Take a look at the page. What is the web page all about?
  • What is special about the content material or the provide on the page?

Now write a superb sentence, speaking why your web page have to be a preferred spot for the searcher.

Once you have accomplished this, now add your targeted key-word phrase to the statement.

The rule of thumb right here is not to pressure something in however to make certain that collectively with the statement, your key-word reinforces the value of any one we get out of the web page if they land to it.

Now that we have talked about how the two pivotal factor on your page, let’s seem at different key concerns for your keyword.

  • H1 tag: The H1 tag or header tag is a tag on your website that re-enforces what the web page is all about. Simply put your targeted key-word here.
  • H2- H6 – H2 – H6 tag: are no longer as vital as H1 tag however you favor to make positive that you use all the essential place on your web page to inform Google how applicable your web page is for a keyword.

The common sense here, therefore, is to use versions of your target key-word in the H2- 6 tag.

So for our example, I can have Affordable Dog Training Collar as my h2 and pass down the chain

  • Image Name: We stay in a physical world. Image add greater context to your web page simply like video so you choose to make certain that each web page on your web site has at least one image. Name the photograph with your goal key-word for the page
  • Image alt tag:  Spiders can’t examine pix so having an picture on your web page is for your visitors.

How first-class then can we inform spiders what the picture on our web page is? By the use of the photograph alt tag.

So go beforehand and add your title tag or a variant of it to your photo alt tag.

  • Content –:Now to the meat of a website. You see, people go on-line majorly to read content. This shows that every web page on your web page should have an splendid Content for it.

To make your web site optimized, your web page should have content material that is at least 300- 500 phrases long. And this rule is flexible. For a most weblog post, the minimal size of content material need to be 1,200 however when dealing with product pages, you prefer to attempt for a balance.

At this point, don’t over suppose key-word density which refers to the wide variety of instances a precise key-word seems on your page.

Rather ask yourself these questions

  • Did I write these for readers? This mean, is the content material meaningful and logical?
  • Have I written sufficient about this subject to make anybody analyzing it take the preferred action take on these pages?
  • Is this page’s content material useful?

If you can answer yes to these questions, I guarantee you, you have written content material that human and search engines will love and they will reward you for it.

  • Web page URL: Finally the closing guidelines on these points. Do the pages’ uniform aid locator or in any other case known as URL fit the keyword. Eg a URL for my web page on canine education collar will be dog-training-collar

Once you have carried out the On-page Optimization for your website, you have fulfilled one of the many challenges of imposing search engine optimization on a site.

Unfortunately, one of the core challenges with SEO is that there are exclusive shifting parts. If you seem at our search engine optimization process, there are about four core web optimization techniques that we identified. Therefore enforcing on-page factors on your site is now not sufficient to assurance to rank.

On-page search engine optimization thing is true solely due to the fact it tells search engines what your website is all about however it does now not make the  web page rank role 1 which is the holy grail of SEO.

Therefore earlier than we seem to be at every other technical issue of SEO, we will take a look at what people name Off-page search engine optimization or link building.

Chapter 5: What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page web optimization is notably the process of promoting your site without having to work bodily on the website.

This undertaking is what people refer to as link building.

So let’s outline link building!


Link building is the procedure of conducting guide things to do to get links directly to your to your website.

The net world stay on links and links are people get to understand a web page exists or to go to a page. Now when a website online exists online, it has the attainable to robotically generate links if:

  • You doing something so outstanding that all of us is speaking about it
  • You, the solely one present in your space
  • The enterprise you working is closed
  • You have existed so lengthy though this occasionally does not even assure links
  • You manually doing some things to get links

So if you prefer to get links, you should truly pay interest to my first four points. The hassle with this strategy is that there is not any assurance that the links will come.

So if you prefer to get the rating you prefer on time so that your site can rank excessive on Google, you favor to be building links.

Unfortunately, building links comes with its very own set of policies and there is a exclusive way you can do this.

You can go the white hat method, the gray hat or do black hat.

Let’s outline some of these terminologies so you have a desirable grasp of what we are speak about.

White-hat link building Method: All the supposed proper way of building link which will be taught in this guide?

Grey hat link building Method:  a middle muddle water midpoint way between white hat and black hat

Black hat link building Method: All wrong way of building link or loophole to build link to your website which is referred to as black hat

Our advice: Do white hat link building. It is much less time consuming and you do now not have to fear about Google’s algorithms

The Google Ranking Factor:

Before we talk about true strategies that you can use to build links to your site, it is essential to talk about how search engines sincerely rank a website.

No one for know of which aggregate factors that come to play when search engines want to rank a site for specific keywords.

But what is recognized is that search engines like Google use different type of signals referred to as Google raking factors.

The listing of these alerts is exhaustive. Over 200 indicators are used however we strongly trust at magic submitter Solutions that is alerts are simply metrics that are interwoven primarily based on eventualities and case based.

This is why we are the alternative that no one can predict the genuine rating indicators that is been used.

Backlinko did a study about and listed these indicators as proven in the Infographic below.

What we are certain about is that three alerts are constantly constant. These indicators mix with different ones determines the real website that ranks for specific key phrases at any given factor in time.

The three core rating indicators we agree with are

  • Content,
  • Back links
  • On-page factors.

Content: How applicable is the content material on your website to the searcher’s needs. This some peoples name rank brain.

On-page element: Google search engines are top at figuring out what content material exists on a web page however it won’t be higher to make it simpler for them by way of accurate optimizing your web page for your targeted keyword.

Back links:  Links are votes when it comes to on-line issues and the extra the best and extent of links that factor to your website, the greater your ranking.

Based on these, let’s seem at some link building methods that can earn you some one way links to your site.

Guest posting : Guest posting is the procedure of writing content material and publishing it on different people’s website. Identify websites that are associated to your niches, however no longer direct competitor to you. E.g if you run an actual property website, you would possibly like to go to Google and search for “business websites”, “business blogs” or “real property blogs”. Now learn about the web page you find. Identify what they write about and see how you can make a contribution to writing for them. This useful site includes a relatively proven listing of over one hundred visitor posting websites you can begin with.

Writing publications on your very own niches – Creating staggering content material that people in your niches discover fascinating and useful. Eg this information is try at doing precisely what I preach. Instead of having a hundred brief weblog submit on website positioning on my site, I have determined to create simply one massive amazing weblog publish on the identical competitor website. I am certain you have determined it fascinating so far.

Info graphics: Presenting beneficial data in a graphical form. Look at subjects in your niches and see how you can place it in a photograph form.

Survey/ Data: conducting a survey that is applicable and beneficial to your niches. Conduct surveys e, g “link building survey 2016” and make it a normal dependency for your industry.

Broken links: My favorite Fixing links on your web page and different people’s site.

Mention:  If you have enough, discovering people who have talked about you and convincing them to add a link to their point out of your brand on their site.

Directory: Getting listed in directories. Every business has them. You simply have to make certain the listing is applicable and useful. An easy Google search for “local place directories” changing the nearby vicinity with your place can yield significant directories you can publish your site to.

Expired domains:  Business come and go on-line and additionally their identification which is their area name. Use web sites like expireddomain.net to discover such title and register them. Once you do that, redirect the area identify to your personal domain.

Web 2.0:  Setting up net 2.0 web sites e.g having a WordPress website or a blogspot web site for your company and the use of it to ship links to your primary site. The issue with this method is that most people can abuse it due to the fact it is so effortless to do.

Resource link building: An offshoot of broke link building. Either growing an aid information and attaining out to people listed and telling them about the useful resource information or searching for aid information on line and searching for inclusion.

These top 10 link building approach will set you on the way to build links to your website online that has the practicable to push your site similarly to the top of Google. Remember, a properly inbound links must not be “manipulative” and have to be in a position to get you two things

  • Increase in ranking
  • Increase in referral traffic

Now that you apprehend the core pillars of SEO, it is time to appear into some core technical component of a web optimization project.

Optimizing on web page thing of each single web page on your site is good. In truth there is nothing tons higher that you can do for your website online if that is now not done.

But optimizing it is solely scratching the surface. There are some different matters you ought to be paying attention to when searching at technical search engine optimization of a web page and we will discuss about it in the subsequent section

Chapter 6: The search engine optimization internet site Audit

A search engine optimization audit in particular is designed to appear at more than a few thing of a search engine optimization ecosystem with an goal to fixing problems that would possibly be stopping Google from crawling, indexing and offering the web page when needed.

That is why it is essential that an audit takes seem to be at these three process.

Besides a full search engine optimization audit which would possibly be performed at the opening of an website positioning process, you may additionally choose to do a link audit to discover gaps in your link building marketing campaign and a content material audit to perceive gaps in your content material campaign.

How to conduct A Full search engine optimization Audit


So you want to conducts a full web optimization audit. Here is a step by way of step information to conducting your web optimization Audit step

  • Crawl your web page: Using a device like screaming frog, you have to crawl all the pages on your site. What you are searching for right here are internet pages that do not wholly meet the technical search engine optimization requirement set in our on-page area and then enhance them via true optimizing them
  • Check that all essential pages and class on your web page are handy and do not have the no-index tag on them
  • Use Google analytics to test for pages with excessive leap price and locate methods minimize the leap rate. You can do this by means of making the content material greater useful.
  • Use Google search console to make certain that replica on-page factors are fixed. Login to Google search console and underneath the HTML improvement, appear for pages with replica title tags, meta description and repair it.
  • Validate your sitemap. Ensure it is placed in the proper listing and incorporates necessary pages of your website. Generate an easy sitemap the usage of a sitemap plug-in or on line www.xml-sitemap.com . Make certain you add it to the root of your web site and put up it in your Google Search Console
  • Use robots.txt file intelligently: Ensure no web page that need to be reachable is blocked. Most CMS like WordPress mechanically generate a sitemap for you.
  • Make sure you use the proper www model of your web site in your Google search console and that it is fabulous to the model presently having extra one-way links on your site.

Remember to constantly audit your site each 6 months so that nothing slips underneath your radar.

If you have cautiously applied the suggestions above, you need to have a site that is properly optimized and have a power of rating for your target keywords.

What now stays is how to file and display your website positioning effort so you can see how properly your website is performing.

Chapter 7: web optimization reporting

Knowing what to document is necessary however understanding what to measure is the key to an ideal reporting. As marketers, we are typically over aptly involved with site visitors and rating metrics however if your visitors and ranking are not changing into needs enterprise objectives, then you want to rebuild your marketing.

Every site has a purpose or what we refer to as business goal and that is what the seo all about. They prefer to be aware of how your exercise is assisting them carry greater cash to the table

No matter what kind of web site you have, your igoal will both be

  • Direct sale on your site eg ecommerce
  • Lead gen – amassing leads from your site contact form, then sending it to the income group eg B2B
  • Page views e. g publishing sites.

Now that we have recognized the enterprise objective, we will document the following in our search engine optimization Report.

Goals: How many people from your natural channels are definitely assemblies the commercial enterprise objective

Traffic from natural sources: How a good deal visitors is coming from your natural channels

Ranking function of essential key phrases: Where are you rating for your core key-word phrases

Referrals: How whole lot site visitors are you getting from your different website positioning things to do e.g link building activities

There are special search engine marketing reporting device however to get started, a easy Google search console and Google analytics can provide you this pattern report.


SEO can be tough tasks; however as soon as you recognize how it all works specifically the shifting parts, you are on your way to drive unlimited free traffic if you follow our guide for seo, ranking and conversion on your website. Getting commenced with web optimization is no longer difficult. All you want do is recognize all the shifting phase and you are on your way to higher traffic, ranking and conversion.

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