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Amazing Free SEO Tools – Free Chrome Extension for SEO

Every web optimization device is different.
Some have higher key-word data, others have higher link data, others provide higher technical suggestions… in different words, there is no best free SEO tool.
Plus paying for a handful of web optimization SEO tools can be luxurious and isn’t realistic.
But don’t worry, due to the fact today, I’m about to make your lifestyles a bit easier. Here are free SEO tools that embedded into chrome extensions that will assist you with your SEO.
What’s lovely is that when you mix them all, you’ll have the whole lot you need.
So right here goes.

Extension #1: Keyword Surfer

It doesn’t count if you use Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, or SEMrush… there is one factor that all of these devices have in common.
You as a person have to hold going returned to them to get the key-word records you need.
Wouldn’t it be less complicated if you can get key-word insights and some one-way link insights proper in your Google browser?
With Keyword Surfer, you can get insights through Google’s interface. So, when you do a search for anything, you see the global search volume as properly as the volume inside your region.
On top of that, you’ll see a listing of pointers and search quantity in the sidebar.
And if you scroll down a bit extra, you’ll see how many one-way links every end result has, which gives you a hard concept of how many links you want to rank in the top 10.

Extension #2: Moz

Domain authority is a metric made up by way of Moz. Generally speaking, the greater your area authority, the greater your rankings are.
Moz created a Chrome extension known as Mozba that tells you the area authority and web page authority for any web page on the web.
This extension is available when you are shopping the net and gaining knowledge of any possible rivals as it will shortly show you how you stack up to them and as you are going through their website online you can effortlessly spot their most authoritative pages that you want to analyze.

Extension #3: Similar Web

On the web, recognition is everything. We all desire high quality traffic.
Although greater visitors doesn’t continually imply greater revenue, in most instances it does.
Out of all the tools out there, I’ve observed that Similar Web offers the most correct visitors estimations in contrast to every other.

Now with the Similar Web extension, you can get visitors records except going again to their site.
The first factor you can see with this extension is visitors statistics for the last 6 months. It even breaks down the leap rate, common pages per visit, and go to duration.
And as you scroll down you’ll be in a position to see what country the traffic are coming from.
Last, however no longer least, it suggests you the site visitors make-up for every web site as well. Is the site visitors coming from search engines, social media, referral sources, or even direct site visitors to the site?

Extension #4: Redirect Path

Redirect Path isn’t as normal of an extension, however when you are doing technical search engine optimization it is a must.
As time goes on, your URLs are going to change. Whether that is from a new shape or if you are deleting historic content material and consolidating your pages, this extension will inform you when some thing goes wrong.
Through Redirect Path, you can shortly see if a redirect is broken or working correctly.

Extension #5: Buzzsumo

Whether you love or hate Facebook, it’s nonetheless a famous website that can power a lot of traffic.
As you are browsing the web, you’ll naturally give up analyzing some articles. Some of them will be on your competitor’s web page and you may additionally be thinking if the article did properly or not.
Using the Buzzsumo extension, you can see how many social shares a given article has as nicely as their backlinks.
You can even see all the most famous articles from that site based totally on social sharing and one-way link count.
This will provide you a true thinking about the kind of content material you want to begin producing.


Extension #6: Meta search engine optimization Inspector

Errors can honestly kill your traffic.
The smallest matters like your meta tags can have a large influence on your rankings, so you’ll like to make them completely optimized.
Using Meta search engine marketing Inspector, you can shortly see if your meta tags are set up correctly.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it reports errors.
With that example, I realized that one of my pages doesn’t have an open design meta tag. That when people share that web page on the social media, it may not show up correctly, that means I won’t get as lots social media traffic.

Extension #7: Check My Links

Similar to the Redirect Path extension as you are spending extra time doing technical search engine optimization and inspecting your competitors, the greater link facts you have the better.
And external link aren’t the solely ones that can assist enhance your rankings.
Knowing facts on internal links is essential as well.
Check My Links will supply you all of the internal link numbers you want when searching any web page on your web site (or your competition’s).
And now not solely will you see an overview, however you can additionally get important points on the total web page as this extension highlights every link.

Extension #8: Page speed Insights

Load time doesn’t simply influence conversions, it additionally affects your rankings.
With almost 60% of the searches being executed from cell devices, your load time is now extra necessary than ever.
Through the Page speed Insights extension, you can shortly see what you want to do to enhance your load time on any web page on your site.
And if you see a rating you don’t like, simply click on “need more” and it will take you to a specific document that will supply you remarks like this:

When you discover a lot of errors, you’ll desire to restore them as over time it will increase your rankings.

Extension #9: SEO Minion

SEO is all about the lengthy game.
If you simply spend 10 minutes a day making improvements, it can have a large affect on your site visitors a year down the road.
An handy way to get work performed every day is via search engine optimization Minion.
One assignment that I have my group continuously appear at via SEO Minion is broken links.
You’ll choose to restore any on your website. In addition, you can use it to discover broken links on different web sites and then hit them up to exchange the broken link to one from your site.
Another way to develop your search engine marketing site visitors is through translating your content material into different languages.

This extension additionally breaks down hreflang data, which is wanted when you are focused on other areas and languages.
You’ll be given facts on your on-page SEO.


Extension #10: SEOquake

SEOquake is the best way to get a particular overview of your site.
The extension presents a special overview of matters like your Alexa rank, indexing statistics for Google and Bing as properly as your SEMrush rank.
From there, you can dive into particular reviews such as a density or analysis report.
The density document breaks down the key-word density on any given page.
You don’t want to obsess about key-word density, however in general, if you don’t point out a key-word that you desire to rank for then probabilities are you won’t rank for it.
The analysis document breaks down on-page website positioning factors on any given page.
And the most used function of SEOquake is when you operate a Google search. You’re given facts on each web site that ranks.

Extension #11: Ninja Outreach

No matter how a good deal on-page search engine optimization you do, you won’t rank nicely if you don’t build any links.
I guess you hate this phase of SEO, however guide outreach is one of the high-quality methods to building links even though it is tedious.
One way to make it less complicated is via Ninja Outreach. This extension suggests you all of the mail addresses related with a given domain
Once you discover a website that you prefer to method for a inbound link opportunity, you can get their contact records via a click on a button and begin crafting your custom email.

Extension #12: Keywords Everywhere

This is in all likelihood the most famous extension out there for SEOs.
Keywords Everywhere is excellent for anybody who is doing key-word research.
Just go to Google and type in any key-word that you are interested in going after. Keywords Everywhere will show you a laundry listing of different associated phrases that you can go after as well.
You can rapidly export the listing and then collect a grasp listing of key phrases that are really worth targeting.
What’s handy about Keywords Everywhere is the facts is furnished proper inside Google versus having to go to a precise tool.

Extension #13: Fatrank

Although it is a awful habit, as SEOs, we all obsess about rankings.
If you like an handy and free way to track your rankings, simply set up an assignment on Ubersuggest.
Another handy answer to see how you are rating is by using the use of Fatrank.
All you have to do is head to your site, click on the Fatrank extension, and type in a key-word to see if you rank for it.
If you rank in the tol 100, it will inform you the precise position.
If you don’t, it will let you be aware of that you don’t rank in the top 100.
I use this as a spot test to make certain I am doing decently properly after a predominant Google algorithm update.



There are a lot of picks when it comes to SEO. You simply have to locate the ones that work properly for you.
An effortless region to begin is to use the free SEO tools chrome extensions I stated above.
You don’t have to use all of them as it may additionally be a bit overkill… however you can use any one of them or an aggregate to make positive your website is optimized.
What do you have to lose? Test all these free SEO tools as they are free.
What other Chrome extensions do you use on a regular basis? Add them up in the comment below so that we can make the ball rolling.
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