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Quora Marketing: How to Get Traffic From Quora

One day I want to know more on technical seo technique and I googled the term and from result brought out by google and I clicked the top on the search and it directed me to quora. As I am exploiting the content on the site and I find very useful questions and answer s, once I read each answer , I am eager to know more about the content am reading which directed me to the blog of the person wrote the answer, then I discovered the potential power of quora to get traffic from quora and also don’t forget that you can build your brand on quors as well, that is not even enough because you still get more referral traffic from quora which may eventually have an impact on your site ranking.
Continuing reading to the end because am going to teach you how to automate the system for you to gain more traffic to your offers or blog.
To get the ball rolling!

What is referral traffic?
Referral traffic is a process using by google to report your traffic that are not from google source.

There are more other traffic source which include:
• Organic
• Social
• Paid serach
• Direct
• Email and others
Though, we are not going there today….
So let go back to quora expressly

Quora: is a unique source to user- generated content. Virtually 7000 questions are being asking nearly every day but that is not where content is but in the answer given to the questions serve as a user-generated content.

So, how to gain referral traffic from quora?
• Functional website
• Quality content that people can visit and gain more understanding of a term
• Spend few times on quora: traffic will not just come over night but with your consistency on quora then with time you will start receiving quality traffic on your site.

Here are the steps to use quora to get traffic

Step 1. Join quora and signup by supply all your credentials. Fill your profile, if you have yet done that, then move on to add your area of your interest, this help quora to feed you content related to your interest

Step2. Tell quora the topic you are an expert, I mean your professional field. As you are typing question on quora search , it will populate the site field with related question, make sure to pick the best relevant to your knowledge and ensure that question you are taken must have high number of followers.
Once you have added few topics then you can also move further to fill your profile. Fill your information in a more detailed one and the more you do it is the better it is. Ensure your profile displayed high sense of accuracy and transparency

Step 3. Create quora blog

Ensure that you click your profile name then a pop up will display, then click blog, that is how you will start your blog with quora.
Note: make sure that your blog you created on quora is very relevant and closely related to your blog. Why did I recommend quora blog to you? The simple answer is to create trust and credibility

Step 4. Answer questions

Is there shortcut on quora? Absolutely no shortcut other than answer questions and ensure that your answer were better than the other people answer the question already. If you want to start answering question click answer at top corner, then you will see question on your interest and select question that have more followers.
To provide an helpful answer to the question asked, follow this tips
• Write an answering step by step
• Write in a best tone to suite the question
• You can use image
• Link to other content that can give more information about the question
Answer more questions on quora will increase your view, upvote and share your content


Step 5. Link all of your answer with your answer and make sure they are relevant before you can link them together.
How to link your blog content to your quara answer?
• Find related article in your blog and link it
• Copy the link of your article post and paste in it in your qoura answer
When you add your link to your quora answer it may be in hyperlink or footnote but I recommend to you the hyperlink method because it give you more chance to click it.
Let me warn you
Linking your blog to quora does not mean a link building  other than to provide value to the audience or reader, I want you to see quora like your blog post which over value to the readers and that should be your primary goal and the secondary goal is to gain referral traffic and build brand from quora.

Link your blog to your answer in this form
• One answer one relevant link from your blog
• Do it when necessary not always so that you will not be spam
• When it’s important in a content of your feedback

Step 6 find best question of your interest to answer
Major target of people who answer questions on quora were purposely doing it to offer value and at the same time gaining more views, up vote and get their answer share, so when you leave your feedback on a question and it caught people attention I mean it solve the problem of the question then you will definitely increase your views and up vote and quora will give you credit for doing so

How to get views
• To get view on quora, you must have answered questions
• Your answer must be better than others
• Then answer question that give you more credit so that you will receive view and up vote


Step 7 use questionpro: to streamline the technique of discovering questions that will convey you the most traffic.
Let’s face it: getting visitors from Quora isn’t that easy. Writing considerate solutions is solely half of the job. In fact, it’s your potential to locate applicable questions and retaining tone of each response that will decide the extent and nice of traffic. Frankly, all that will require a lot of time and effort.
Remember that your intention on Quora is to provide value? Well, the quantity of cost you supply immediately relies upon on the quantity of time you can allocate to developing it.
It’s handy to discover yourself sorting via heaps of questions for hours earlier than discovering a applicable one — hours of dull, and yet necessary work — which couldn’t be automatic up till recently.
Surprisingly, there are no longer many tools that can assist you with discovering questions and monitoring solutions on Quora. The solely working answer I got here throughout after speedy lookup is QuestionsPro.
Using this tool, I first generated key phrases tied down to the content material of my web site and Quora profile and then chosen the most precious ones based totally on their search volume, ranking in SERP and visitors they can doubtlessly drive.
I observed a complete of fifty nine keywords, which, in accordance to QuestionsPro, can convert into over five hundred traffic a month.
I delivered a couple of my very own key phrases and went on to discover questions. It took a device pretty some time to generate them (around two minutes), however the consequences became out to be really worth each and every 2nd of it.
After answering a few of the cautioned questions, you can begin monitoring them straight away. QuestionsPro shows whether or not you replied to the question, as nicely as exhibit the ranking, views, and upvotes of your answer.
All in all, QuestionsPro is a effective device that will save you a ton of time and assist to get even extra site visitors juice from Quora.


To get traffic from quora you need to write more answer on Quora, the greater price you’ll give. In the meantime, you’ll obtain price as well.
If you cautiously tune your Quora referral traffic, you’ll quickly find out that it can be a distinctly precious supply of leads.
The entrepreneurs at Wishpond, referred to above, started out monitoring their Quora leads and located that visitors from Quora used to be a large section of their funnel!
Plus, this site visitors was once changing to sign ups at a large charge — 44%! In different words, nearly 1/2 of their referral site visitors from Quora used to be signing up for the carrier on the site!
Referral site visitors like this is too treasured to ignore!
The extraordinary factor about Quora is that it’s free. You don’t have to spend any cash to get began and to trip its benefits.
Many entrepreneurs love the concept of advertising their content material on Facebook, sharing links on Twitter or spreading their thoughts on LinkedIn. But, they’re overlooking Quora!
If it’s time for you to build your private business and take your referral visitors to the subsequent step, Quora is ready for you.
Have you tracked Quora referral visitors metrics? What’s your experience?

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