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How To Make Money With Clickbank Step By Step

Most affiliate marketers know more about ClickBank (and if you don’t I’ll clarify precisely what it does just mean to you) yet not many of you folks realize how to make money with Clickbank while some also know it very well.

A run of procedure for a newbie to affiliate marketing is that, they join a program, find some affiliate product with a high commission and begin to fantasize about how it will make sales.

At some point, they drive some junk traffic to it and watch how they will make money overnight but eventually make nothing then they tag the business a scammer.

In this post I’ll tell you precisely how to make money with clickbank step by step by which you bring in cash with Clickbank utilizing the procedure we have been used to generate sales over and over.

We should begin!

What You Will Learn

  • What ClickBank is and how to utilize it to make a huge number of dollars month to month
  • Instructions on how to pick ClickBank products to advance
  • The most widely recognized approaches to promote ClickBank products
  • The extraordinaryfunnel we use to scale up our sales
  • How to build funnels
  • Instructions to scale them up and take over the offer

What Is Clickbank?

Numerous individuals consider Clickbank simply one of affiliate network. But unlike traditional affiliate platform, Clickbank serve as a commercial centre or marketplace  for the two individuals who make products and an affiliate, so they can make money together without complex administrative work or understandings.

How Can It Work?

As it were, Clickbank is a kind of middleman between product creators, for example, digital books, video, music, etc, and individuals who can sell those items, for example affiliate marketers.

Clearly, depending upon which marketplace is you belong to, Clickbank satisfies these two functions for you:

  1. A Product Marketplace for an Affiliates

As an affiliate marketer, you can bounce directly in, make your one of a kind affiliate link for a huge number of items (more on that later) and begin to drive traffic immediately to begin bringing in sales. You will likewise observe your profit progressively.

It’s free to join and there’s no screening procedure. No cap or entangled measurements. It’s essentially a streamlined affiliate network, open to anybody that needs to give it a try.

In case you want to start your journey with clickbank, go register on their landing page here.

  1. An E-Commerce Platform For Information Product Owners

As a product vendor, you can add your item to the database and ClickBank will deal with all the checkout and internet business part, just as offering an associate program for it.

You will be charged $49.95 one time initiation charges, for turning into a vendor on Clickbank.  Accept this charge then  you start works superbly of keeping some low-quality sellers out of the stage.

This is incredible that you would prefer not to deal with the specialized piece of things yet you need to realize that the stage will take a considerable amount of cash off your sales ($1 + 7.5% of the sales).

That is the reason on the off chance that you begin making some genuine sales volume, you might need to move out of the clickbank to stages like Thinkific or Teachable on the grounds that these don’t take a % of your sales.

Notwithstanding % of sales, you’re charged $2.5 dollars installment preparing expense, each time you withdraw your money. Clickbank can likewise favor client discounts and charge you $0.50 or $1 for that.

The ascent of the LMS stages like the two above is most likely why Clickbank has been losing some steam of customers over the most recent couple of years …

Why Clickbank?

As an affiliate marketers you may ask yourself, why sell digital books and online courses from obscure makers, on the off chance that you can simply join with site like CJ or Amazon Associates and sell legitimate items.

Right off the bat, online training is an immense market and Clickbank itself produces near a quarter billion dollars in sales income every year.

Besides, there’s a stunner to promote items. That excellence is the most noteworthy edges conceivable. Since, to make a duplicate of a video and sell it, costs nothing.

100% of the income can be viewed as the benefit (outside of promoting costs).

High benefits = high affiliate commissions. What’s more, Clickbank settles up to 75%.

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pros and Cons Of ClickBank

I truly like ClickBank and I believe it’s a phenomenal spot for new partner advertisers to begin and win cash online without the problem of further promoting affiliate network. There’s no cap, you don’t should be endorsed for 90% of the offers and you can begin selling straight away.

Trust me, that is a tremendous in addition to when you begin and have no reputation to show to those large subsidiary systems.

How To Make Money With Clickbank Step by step

Making money with Clickbank, you need to follow a similar recipe as any effective endeavor.

You need a strong product that clients need and make a funnel to change over the traffic, in any case. At that point you develop your traffic, streamline your funnel, and once you know you’re gainful (for example you convert $ more than you contribute), you scale the entire thing.

Clickbank is very simple on paper, but it not like that, scarcely any individuals put the push to take care of business. 90% of partner incomes originate from 10% of associates, so put your best work in.

We should begin with the products on clickbank.

The most effective method to Pick The Right Product To Promote

Perhaps the most ideal approaches to make money on Clickbank is to begin as affiliate,promoting pages that have just been optimized, so as to fabricate your sales funnel.

Much like keyword research for SEO, picking the correct product to promote on ClickBank is critical. Regardless of how great you are at promoting and generate traffic to sale page that doesn’t sell, you won’t make much money.

The Different ClickBank Metrics

  • initial $/sales: The average amount the affiliate make per sales.
  • Avg %/sales: The % of the sale price an affiliate take as a commission by average.
  • Grav: Gravity, the quantity of affiliate that sold this item over the most recent 12 weeks.
  • Avg Rebill Total: Average $ members take as a commission because of rebills.

What Is A Great Product To Promote

Screening offers is a major piece of realizing how to make money with Clickbank. Here are the things we search for with regards to screening offers to promote:

  • Low-cost initial offer with up to 3 upsales
  • Video sales pages and “native” sales (pages that fill with quality content)
  • products with good reviews on the web (zero or low refund = more money and less rundown burnout)
  • Gravity over 20 (implies that the page convert genuinely well)

How Everyone Tries To Make Money From ClickBank

If you read on other bloggers blog, you’ll see a huge amount of “strategies” on the best way to make money with ClickBank. Some of them work and some of them plainly don’t work.

The issue the vast majority of these strategies have, aside from the last one, is that they have restricted preselling. Individuals are tossed to deals pages without knowing precisely why they are there or who is this person attempting to sell them a digital product.

From our experience, preselling is HUGE. You have to give individuals substantial reasons why they should purchase the item and on that you can be that outsider giving a suggestion, your conversion rates will 5-10x frequently

Furthermore, rehash presentation to the offer does incredibly well for us. More on that later however.

We should have a recap of the most “widely recognized” ways individuals make money with ClickBank before I show you our mystery ingredient.

Direct Linking/Banners

This one is the most widely recognized and all the time least productive. The strategy is straightforward simple. Find  some related article on your site and slap a standard banner on the sidebar or in the article, with no type of pre-selling the item explicitly.

Since the traffic is fairly identified with the offer, a few people will change over. In any case, your EPC (income per click) will be extremely low in light of the fact that the item doesn’t come suggested by the creator.

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In Content Links

In content, links are usually suggested inside the article texts that are inserted legitimately in the content. The suggestion frequently originates from the voice of the writer and in the event that they’ve worked admirably constructing trust all through the article/post, the conversion rates will be good.

Be that as it may, they’re not unmistakable and will just grab the eye of the most mindful perusers. Other than confiding in the creator, there’s very little of an impetus to navigate.


This is strategy we despite everything use right up ’til today and in light of current circumstances: it works! review traffic is incredibly focused on and individuals arriving on your page have an extremely high opportunity to purchase.

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In the event that your review doesn’t look totally one-sided, there’s a decent possibility they’ll believe you and navigate your links to purchase the products.

The issue with review is to really get the volume of traffic you have to make a ton of deals.

The traffic on review keyword is low and the competitors are fierce. Each SEO and their pooch attempts to make money online with review and you wind up sitting in a negative SEO fest, for streams of traffic.

Not perfect, in case you’re attempting to build long term property. Likewise, there’s no other method to scale than on a level plane (produce more review) on the grounds that there simply isn’t a lot of traffic for every item reviewed. This makes it difficult to become quicker or go through paid traffic to push things.

Building A Value-Oriented Media Funnel

All the techniques we discussed before will in general work somewhat yet they’re typically exhausted and abused by everybody in the business making it extremely serious and difficult to scale except if you have a site with hundreds and several reviews.

Additionally, no one links or share any of the content above in light of the fact that it sells and individuals will in general despise link or sharing stuff that offers something to its audiences. It’s simply the manner in which it is.

Not being sharable or linkable is a gigantic debilitation in the present social web. This implies you should pay or produce the entirety of your traffic and on the off chance that you ever need to get an opportunity to appear in Google, you’ll need to go through hours doing monotonous link building, and it is very dreadful, not adaptable, not prudent in term of money and time spend.

So how would you stay shareable while making sales? Basic, give free stuff and include esteem.

Be that as it may, making money with Clickbank at that point? You offer to the individuals that needed all the more free stuff and gave you their email for it.

You fundamentally keep your front end clean of ANY attempt to sell something. You run it like a media organization offering free substance to the audience.

You, at that point offer lead magnets through substance updates, select in pop-ups and retargeting. The lead magnet offers all the more free stuff to the individuals who are intrigued enough to exchange their contact data for it.

You would then be able to begin link to the idea from the thank you page and begin messaging individuals about the offer so you ensure they don’t pass up it.

Be that as it may, wait! If I can only show my offer to those who opted- in am I not losing on sales?

All things considered, in the event that somebody couldn’t care less enough about the theme to give you their email address, they most likely won’t give you cash for it.

how to make money with wealthy affiliate

Here is a outilne of the framework we use:

This framework is the best out there, as I would like to think, for the following reasons:

  • You keep your front end clean of business offers meaning you can get huge amounts of links/shares and so on.
  • You can target viral points or high traffic keywords identified with the issues the offer takes care of significance there’s no traffic issue.
  • It can run 100% without PPC if that is not your thing (a significant number of those run simply on natural for us)
  • You’re building an email list implying that you own the crowd. This implies you can offer more things to them once they arrive at your main list, and the estimation of your media property is significantly expanded and mixes over some time.

Let dive jump to funnel component

  1. Traffic and Content

This one is entirely straight forward. If you can create compelling content, getting links utilizing these strategies and getting shares is genuinely simple. There are 3 fundamental ways I prescribe you to follow traffic:

  • Web optimization: If you will make content, you should promote it for web crawlers. In the event that you need more data on executing SEO for your position site I suggest backlink beast or magic submitter for you they are a great tools we use to generate free traffic from major search engine like googl, bing, yahoo and so on
  • Facebook: Pretty much all crowds are on Facebook and you can get extremely modest traffic. I suggest this technique by Digital marketeror to fabricate a major fan page, link with it and drive traffic through natural reach (contextual analysis coming soon on that one).
  • Content distribution network: I don’t have a huge amount of involvement in these yet deciding by the quantity of individuals running this strategy across systems like taboola and outbrain I envision this must be genuinely fruitful. This works particularly well in case you’re covering an across the board issues.

Recollect these guidelines. Keep the content clean of promotion(aside from your select in), give esteem, set up yourself as a position and don’t be voracious. That will truly separate you from 99% of members.

  1. opt- In

Make a correlative bit of content to the article. For instance, if the article is a rundown of tips, make list additional tips that individuals can download. This can be more plans or anything that is a continuation of the content. Thus, the individuals that were locked in enough to peruse until the end will in all probability need to exchange their email for additional.

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To distribute this lead magnet I suggest you get understanding of these terms:

  • Opt- in pop-ups – They simply do ponders for us, with up to 6% select in rate on this very site and 5.5% on Health Ambition. We gather many messages every day with those.
  • Content updates – They’re an incredible last source of inspiration toward the finish of your content, difficult to miss alongside the spring up. It’s likewise exceptionally reasonable to set up.
  • Re-targeting + Opt-in page – If individuals didn’t take an action on the site, possibly they got occupied. Add them to a re-targeting list on Facebook and send them to a pick in page to download the rewards.

To make these, so far the best tools are still Thrive Leads. In any case, on you will be utilizing Elementor PRO as a site builder they likewise have an incredible spring up/pick in developer prepared in.

  1. Thank You Page and Offer .

Since people have opted in, you have to divert them to a thank you page where you can (at long last) promote your offer.

While promoting offer is significant, it’s additionally imperative to “link” the idea with the lead magnet they just opted in for. Something else, people will be disappointed and think they have to pay for the lead magnet. Trust me we’ve committed that error!

Note that we additionally have a re-targeting pixel on this page to set up a negative crowd and not promote the lead magnet to the people who previously opted in.

You at that point need to disclose to the subscriber why the lead magnet they’ve downloaded is fragmented and why they should take the offer you present alongside it, to show signs of improvement results.

For this situation, people download a squeezing plans book however we disclose to them that without the 30-day plan, they won’t get much of anywhere and accomplish what they need.

Notice that the source of inspiration is to “keep” which means we’re not revealing to them anything is available to be purchased at this point. That implies more snaps to our business page and in the end more sales.

You can build a fundamental adaptation of these presentation landing pages with Gutenberg yet I suggest Elementor or Thrive Architect for it, with the drag and drop manager you can make these in a moment or two.

  1. Email Marketing

This is the place things begin to be entertaining. Rather than individuals attempting to toss traffic to a business page once and afterward get no opportunity to see those visitors once more, you have their contact list!

Note: If you don’t have an email promoting offer yet, I suggest Getresponse for affiliate marketers, it’s far better than Aweber and offers extraordinary mechanization at precisely the same cost and has a free preliminary for you to check whether you like it.

That implies you can open them to the offer again in the event that they didn’t purchase and take as much time as necessary to persuade them that it’s what they need (and you realize it is on the grounds that they downloaded the related lead magnet).

At the point when you begin, I prescribe to just set up a 3 section autoresponder. It’s sufficient to know whether the offer is going to change over or not. Here’s the manner by which I separate it:

Email 1 – Features and Logic

In the main email, I initially send them the links to the lead magnet a subsequent time (the reason to email them) and inquire as to whether they saw the offer ( affiliate links).  At that point go on and give a bullet point list of why I think they ought to get it just as perhaps 1 tribute to give it validity and begin slipping into the passionate domain. I’ll for the most part get done with an inquiry, opening a circle making them need to open the following email.

Email 2 – Emotions

In the subsequent email, you email them to respond to the inquiry you posed in the past email and start (pardon for the email).

At that point you go on and assist them with imagining of having solved their immediate problem the issue and all the things they could do when it is comprehended.

In case of weight reduction, for instance, it could be:

  • Being increasingly appealing and finding the adoration for your life
  • Not being embarrassed when people look at you
  • Having more vitality/having the option to accomplish more
  • Not passing on ahead of schedule

Basically evoke positive feelings of all the extraordinary things that could occur and link it back to your item.

Email 3 – Scarcity

In the last email, you need to push people to make a move at the present time. This is the point at which you utilize a blend of restricted time offers (limits, rewards and so on if accessible with the offer) and blame people for not making a move.

You can utilize sentences like: “Einstein characterized madness as the reality of doing likewise again and again and anticipating various outcomes” or “You need something new that you truly need to transform you”.

This is the point at which you need to ensure the item really conveys.  that I coerce somebody into purchasing an item that really causes them lose 20lbs and carry on with a superior life, I’m upbeat I did it.  That you coerce low-salary overweight individuals to purchase a bad pseudoscience item and they lose both cash and expectation, you’re not an incredible individual.

These business strategies are ground-breaking and work yet you must have morals when utilizing them. Keep in mind, we need to offer MANY things to our subscribers so the main item better convey! Truly helping them gets you more cash-flow.

In the event that you need to build genuine shortage, you can utilize an instrument like Deadline Funnels and really open and close the ideas for your endorsers.

This sounds outlandish however restricted access increases sales significantly so in the event that you need the best outcomes, I suggest you open and close the ideas as an item dispatch to your subscribers. Cutoff time funnels permit you to do only that, you can even include a clock top of the affiliate sales page.

In case you’re thinking this is a great deal of work, and it truly isn’t, at that point envision how glad you’ll be the point at which your day by day messages go out and you see cash streaming in that manner (patient, was that perception?).

When individuals have experienced the 3 section autoresponder, just add them to your primary communicate list and email them your next bits of content. That they’re intrigued, they’ll pick in and enter another scaled down deals pipe.

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This is an incredible method to not consume your email list while continually selling. The people who don’t pick in never get offered to, until they are intrigued enough to download your lead magnet. Now, you’re viewed as an incredible worth supplier since your front end is constantly unadulterated worth.

  1. Retargeting

Unfortunately, this alternative is turning out to be increasingly main stream so I won’t have the option to appreciate only it any longer.

Utilizing Facebook or some other retargeting administration, you can make crowds of individuals visiting your site (short the individuals who opted in from the site) and promote lead magnets to them for around 30 days.

The procedure is genuinely basic and after a touch of improvement, you’ll have the option to let it run as people escape your retargeting list after the 30 days have slipped by. This implies you don’t run into advertisement weakness issues so much as you do when running virus traffic battles.

Send that traffic to a press page. They will know what your identity is and you can accomplish as much as 70% opt in rate with some feature tweaking.

Making Your Affiliate Links and TID’s

So as to know where your conversion originate from (Which E-mail, Facebook advertisement or blog entry), the best practice is to make another affiliate links each time you put a link some place. Along these lines, you will have the option to tell which messages/pages convert and which don’t.

So as to make a following ID, when you make your link just include it in the “Following ID” field according to the screen capture beneath.


Since you’ve fabricated the underlying pipe, let it run for a tad. Maybe begin fabricating a subsequent one and inevitably, choose if it merits investing more time in it.

If it’s making a few sales and you need to grow it, you should simply pick one region and extend it. These include:

  • Making more SEO content around more catchphrases identified with the item you’re selling
  • Link building your current content to improve its rankings.
  • Utilizing paid social to develop the traffic to your content.
  • Growing your autoresponder from 3 to 12-15 messages to expand deals.
  • A/B test your pop-ups and pick ins to build the select in rate.

Owing The Offer

At the point when you’ve arrived at a specific scale, you should as of now be making a few thousand dollars for each month. Now, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin considering swapping the affiliate offer with your own offer.

This will permit you to keep all the cash coming in and control things, for example,

  • The up sell
  • The sales page
  • Having the option to purchase traffic straightforwardly to your sales pages
  • Have affiliate  make money for you by promoting your product

It is difficult and it’s not something I would consider doing on the off chance that I had no traffic and no income. Be that as it may, when you have demonstrated you can get individuals and sell you’re your product, this is perhaps the most ideal approaches to develop your own income.

By then however, I would consider arrangements, for example, Thinkific or Teachable to sell your own courses or digital items.

They are simply simpler, more exceptional and only less expensive to use as you develop (Thinkific even has a thoroughly free arrangement where they take a little % of your sales as Clickbank does).

To Wrap It Up

As you likely speculated, the extent of this procedure is marginally bigger than ClickBank itself. ClickBank is an incredible, straightforward spot to begin supplanting things, for example, Adsense or Amazon income for genuine deals.

With this comprehensive method of how to make money with clickbank step by step I have exposed to you to marketing technique that can be applied to any form of online based business (affiliate marketing) and you will start making money with clickbank and other rest of online business if you properly applied what you have been taught in this making money with clickbank step by step. If you are enjoying this post, you can help us to share with your friends on social media and you can also leave your comment if you have any question. Thanks

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