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  1. Wow golden info here, I’ve been looking everywhere for this! I’ve been blogging for a while but have never actually thought of adding Google Adsense so after a while, I forgot all about it. I’m eager to start, out of curiosity what is a good Click Through Rate percentage or a successful blog?

    • You are left some money behind you for neglect google AdSense though they are very strict in their operation  but if you play your game as the policy stipulated,  you will god fortune with adsense

  2. This is a very informative and helpful post, well done. Google Adsense can be very picky and difficult so any recommendations on how to successfully implement Adsense are always helpful. You did a great job describing these products and providing a thorough explanation of what to expect from these services. I agree that Adsense requires what they consider to be first-rate content, which can be very particular. Thank you for a great post, I look forward to reading more of them!

    • Nice to hear this from you. We are challenged to create a rich content to feed our readers the first hand information.

  3. Touhidur Rahman

    This is a most informative article about Google Adsense for the beginner. After reading this article with full concentrate I understand that AdSense is the easiest and safest way to earn money online. What is Google AdSense, how does it work, how to join  everything is here in this article. Recently, I join Google AdSense to work. Really, saying it’s amazing to work and I’m glad to work in here. Thanks for this helpful article.

    • Yes, google AdSense is an avenue to make some money for affiliate markers who own blog. Though you not only monetize your blog with google AdSense but other means like Clickbank, jvzoo WA,

  4. Wow, what an extensive guide on Google Adsense! I thoroughly appreciate the research you must have done to gather and compile so much information. I got helpful insights from your guide.

    I am a full-time blogger from India and for the past few days I am thinking about monetizing my site with Google Adsense, so your guide means a lot to me. Your guide saved me a lot of time and this guide has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others. 

    I learned a lot of information which I am not aware of from your guide and sharing from your own experience adds more value to this post. It’s great to hear that you are a full-time blogger and you make reasonable amount from Google Adsense program because often I read “you can only earn pennies with Google Adsense” and “Google Adsense is not worth trying” etc.,

    After reading your helpful guide I am convinced and determined to try it. Also, thanks for the alternatives for Google Adsense because as you mentioned getting the approval is bit difficult with them, in that case I can try the other options.

    I am bookmarking your guide for future reference and you gave us an encyclopedia of knowledge here.

    Much Success!


    • Thank you Paul for understood the content and the philosophy of this article. We will make sure that we satisfy our readers with rich content

  5. You have a lot of information about Adsense in your post that I didn’t know. I do use Adsense on one of my sites and it has been working pretty well so far. There is so much to learn about Adsense and you have certainly laid it out there for the reader.

    My experience with Adsense has been good. I have never used Adwords, yet. I have heard people say it is kind of expensive, though.

    Thanks for the review!

    Best wishes,
    Karin 😁

  6. I think AdSense is a fabulous way to make money online. It’s a passive way to make money with your website. It gives me the possibility to make money from my visitors without constraint. They get to click on ads which are interesting to them. What I like to do, is to pick ads matching my content. Doing that help me maximize the possibility of clicking.

    Thanks for sharing about this great opportunity.

    • Great! AdSense offer googood CPC and this will have more return. You said you have blocked some ads that does not relate to your niches which is very good idea, I like that , and am looking forward to do the same

  7. Wow! This is excellent to know of. I’ve been blogging for quite sometimes ago and I’ve not truly monetized my blog in other ways except affiliate marketing. Learning so much about AdSense here really males me delighted and I will surely incorporate it to my blog. However, I heard that there needs some certain click rate for one to get a better income through this.  And I learnt google does close accounts at will. Are these through?

  8. Thanks for this informative post, indeed  Adsense is a nice alternative, or complimentary monetization strategy to affiliate marketing, used to be that I was afraid to lose customers when implementing Google AdSense on my website , because I was thinking when they click the AdSense ads they leave the web site. But test after test showed me that implementing AdSense often did not have any negative effect on affiliate commissions which is amazing. Thanks for sharing 

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