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Backling Beast Review 2019 – Boost Your Web-Traffic Free

My Honest Review Of Backlink Beast

Hello, I’m writing this assessment hoping it would be useful to you. If you are here, it means that you, like I was once before, are struggling with search engine marketing rankings, and simply getting your websites located in general.

Everyone struggles with this, regardless of how plenty of an specialist you are, you nevertheless struggle. Either with the technique itself, or educating others how to do it.

This used to be a conflict I had, bad. I concept I was once an website positioning expert, but I that was once an error of delight and I was missing out on so many amazing things.

Together, with this, Panda and Penguin happened, and I just misplaced it.

Looking for help, I stumbled with Backlink Beast, and this is what happened, and this is my story.

Getting properly at SEO

When I started internet site development, I was once more excited with the section of design and development. Of course, website positioning came into the recreation and I had to get higher at it.

Now, as you know, some updates ago, ranking excessive used to be no longer such difficult work. You used some gorgeous words, your pages displayed the right information, you had the correct hyperlinks and the whole thing was set.

My pal and I, with whom I develop websites together, had been doing quite well, and our clients were happy. However, we were no longer conscious of the depth of lack of knowledge we had about search engine marketing until Panda happened.


Regardless of how a lot we tried, and tried, repeatedly, we still wouldn’t rank. We had reach a plateau in our SEO and we had been not sure how to get out of there.


After googling around, I found some nearby courses on SEO. I took two, my pal took one. At the stop of the publications we had learned basically the entirety we knew, plus, watch out of Panda, and we learned how it worked, which gave us our first clues.

After mastering about this, we tried on-line courses. Again, they were good, but no longer suitable enough, we virtually observed more statistics on internet boards or Reddit that in some specialised websites.

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In these spaces, we found references to software that helped you analyze and role your internet site better, so we went and tried.


By this time, we had already a lot of theoretical know-how however no longer so an awful lot technical or practical knowledge. We decided to try the software program and see the place it would take us.

We were doing great, most of our job used to be getting accomplished for us, and basically, we just wished to generate viral content, create a notable website, and comply with our web optimization practices.

It all went well, and our clients have been without a doubt happy, however nonetheless we have been struggling to get to the first page, even in a nearby setting. It used to be pretty stressful.


So, we had made some progress, however still we remained in the plateau. Frustration began to build up and we also wanted a answer as soon as possible.

Finding Backlink Beast

After some trial and error with different software, I read some evaluations about Backlink Beast and decided to seem further.

I obtained to the website, examine everything they offered, and learned extra about backlinks. So, my low-cost self thought: “If I lookup about backlinking, and use it correctly, I don’t need software”.

In the end of the day, that was once the piece that we were missing, so I didn’t buy, but rather went out there to master the arts of backlinking.

What did I find?

  • It is easy to understand
  • It is complicated to follow
  • More elaborate to execute flawlessly
  • I wanted help

So, after some months of trying, I gave up and got here again to Backlink Beast.

Backlink Beast

So, I used to be done, and I got here back, and offered the software. I didn’t want greater stress in my lifestyles and I was willing to ask for help.

We set up everything, very easily. Everything is pointed out clearly, and the set-up technique just flows. Once we have been in, we had been ready to begin testing.

We seen how our website used to be getting promoted in key ways that would make google word us.

The one factor that we appreciated the most, by using far, used to be that the entirety was automated. Oh, God. That used to be glorious.

Going via all the linking procedure is simply not difficult, but all of it takes so a lot time, and we had come to the consciousness that we were no longer web optimization experts and, most importantly, we didn’t choose to be!

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And, we didn’t favor to pay some nagging outsourcer that claims understanding on SEO but simply won’t deliver (happened to us before), so we were sold.

  • It works well
  • It’s does its job
  • It’s automated
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s automated
  • Provides a solution for a incredible part of SEO
  • It’s automated

See a pattern? Now, we have been able to do one of the least stressing components of SEO, content material writing, designing our pages, and all, and Backlink Beast was once taking care of the rest.

The flamingo solution

I consider as soon as we had a patron that got here with a very particular request for a internet site devoted to flamingos, their life, habitat, beauty, etc.


We concept it was quite strange, but he was once a paying client, and we had the capabilities to help him, so we decided to give it a go.

As we went on with the development, and got to the search engine optimisation planning, and idea about backlinks, and how in the world we had been going to locate a Flamingo solution

Well, you are guessing well, Backlink Beast helped us get the hold of it and come across the best web sites of the area of interest and we managed to get backlinked with the aid of some.

This used to be the lacking peace to our search engine marketing combo, it even worked with particular niches, and our customer was once extraordinarily happy. two We couldn’t trust it.

It was so tremendous to a point that, this internet site got here part of the pinnacle 5 of results that appeared in the state, for that niche. We could no longer agree with it.

A new business

The outcomes have been so good, and our consumer used to be so happy, we determined to talk to him and learn extra about himself.

Turns out that he is essentially obsessed with flamingos, he is a biologist, and he goes has traveled the world, visited covered areas, etc. It was once exquisite the lengths this guy would go to find out about and analyze about flamingos, and how passionate he was.

After learning how some distance a purposeful man or woman can go following an obsession, we googled, and we found so many groups, dialogue boards, even stores for very particular niches. So, we scheduled some conferences with humans who did Live Action Role Playing Games, or were severely obsessed with anime, or goth culture.

We were in. We have been the solely builders in the country to work with niche markets, and generate gorgeous consequences in search engines. Ah, yes it works with Yahoo, Bing, you title it.

Growing our brand

Of course, we can’t speak about this barring    our personal success case interior the company. We had been doing well, expanding to different states, turning into acknowledged in some niches. One of the shops we created commenced having income the first days after its launch, it used to be amazing.

Because of this, people began coming and calling, we didn’t have the want to call people, they have been calling us. It took us over a year, and it was once no longer only because of Backlink Beast, we work hard and deliver, however the carrier we provided, together with Backlink Beast became a powerhouse! We had been being identified due to the fact of our design, however additionally because of our SEO.


This is all good, but it got here a factor where, thank God, we had more purchasers than we should ask for, but our exceptional of provider started out to decline and we had to deliver anyone in.

Passing it on

Now, because we have been doing so well, we wanted help. We started with freelancers online. We hired some for design, and some for SEO.

In general, we had a notable journey with the ultimate results. I comprehend that the story of many people out there is no longer as successful with freelancers as it was with us.

Still, we located many things that we could surely improve to come to be a greater efficient and worthwhile agency. Working with freelancers on-line was once right and all but:

  • Communication sucked
  • They took a lengthy time to write back
  • They needed a lot of direction
  • There was a lot of revision going on

Again, we are attempting to make money, and make our life, and these of our clients, easier. It used to be too much.

So, we delivered 2 guys to the team. They were without a doubt nice, and smart, and their skills of layout and SEO, even though they had not so a lot of experience, have been absolutely amazing.

However, they still lacked, particularly in SEO, and we wanted to teach them.

Share the love

I sat down every day, for a week, for round 1 hour a day, and started out planning and growing the training. This was a effective exercise.

By doing retrospective, I started out remembering all the process, how easy it was, and how we managed to make things work. The main content for the coaching came up easily, it took longer because I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to training other people.

Our guys had been geared up to take that Backlink Beast and start generating tremendous results, the subsequent day. Yes, the next day.

Oh, did I mention they have a video education center? Just amazing!

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I had now not realized that this aid was there, even though they point out it on their website, and I examine it on some reviews, I don’t comprehend why I forgot. Anyway, I put myself to it, and the job was on the whole done, and the guys cherished it.

Anything  else?

Also, I figured out that, I favored this so a great deal due to the fact I was managing results. I was now not managing crisis, due to the fact we didn’t have one, I was not micromanaging anything. My solely responsibility was once to manipulate and maintain results.

Because we had been having such top notch results, our patron base grew gradually but permanently. We offer hosting, area sales, etc. So, each and every patron that we have doesn’t have to go somewhere else, and they pay for a subscription with us, so we were, still are, making appropriate money.


Basically, Backlink Beast can pay itself in the lengthy run, and, through long run, I mean in months.

Where to start

Although I like when my clients buy a subscription, I in my view dislike them. When I noticed that Backlink Beast offered one, I was once a little disheartened, but nonetheless I decided to get it.

My design was, I’ll strive it for 2 months, and see how it goes. So, I did, and I haven’t regarded back.

I would propose you to do the same. Maybe strive for some months, see how you experience with it, or get your money back. Now, you can both ask for your cash back, or you can make your money lower back instances 10 each month if you sell the service.

So, after I used to be finished with my trial, I determined I would possibly as well simply purchase the one-time fee option, and this brings my subsequent point.


Remember how we taught the newbies how to use this? And how with the video education center, and the small training I did, they had been accurate to go?

Well, because of this, I was once capable to absolutely delegate this phase of my job to the new guys.

Also, when we had to comprise 2 greater people, it was once the new guys that educated them. Pure bliss!

Because we only had to fear to manage wonderful results, no longer obtain them. I didn’t dread logging in and adjusting one or two matters myself.

Again, we had a outstanding team, and we labored challenging together, I be aware of this is not the case for most people going for walks a company, but, if you are on your own, or if you have a precise team like we did, this is a extremely good addition.

You can promote website positioning services, and be sure that your delivery will be on factor and well rounded, besides having to stress much.

And, because I solely did one payment, which I acquired again within 5 months of work, I didn’t have to worry about accounting, taking it into consideration, budgeting, etc.

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I know! I be aware of it only takes minutes to budget, etc. But I am a lazy man! I am an entrepreneur that opts for effectivity because I prefer to avoid unnecessary work. No apologies.

One closing thing, you get free updates for life.

Final thoughts

Looking for tools that optimize the efficiency of your job, and can carry better overall performance in prevalent is not an easy task. We all desire to have a gorgeous return of investment, and get some thing easy to use.

In the search for said solutions, we can stumble with scams or humans who underdeliver, and no one wishes that.


Sometimes, in our effort to micromanage everything or be the first-rate we can, we don’t like to be given when one factor surpasses us and we want help. There is constantly anyone higher than you, and there is nothing incorrect with asking for help.

Some humans criticize me because I couldn’t do it on my own, due to the fact I paid for software, however hey, of all of those that had an opinion, only 2 nonetheless go on with their business.

My partner and I, are nevertheless in it, growing and delivering gorgeous offerings for humans who are pretty passionate about one theme and choose the world to know about it, or higher yet, make a earnings out of their passion.

We are positioning them in the first pages of results at local levels, and we have even had some global successes, which we didn’t anticipate however there they were.

You can do as I did, and appear around. You can be smart about it, and attempt it out. Whatever you desire to do, don’t miss on super opportunities, start constructing your commercial enterprise today!

Get All The Backlinks You Could Ever Dream Of With The Backlink Beast Today, Click Here And You’ll Learn How To Boost Your Search Traffic And More With Proper Backlinks!


•             Easy to understand. You will no longer locate a better program than this one. This is because the entirety is made easy for you to understand. Meaning that you can also share the data with friends.

•             It is automated. You do now not have to warfare so a whole lot trying to make the whole lot work. If you get the system then the entirety else about backlinking will be working automatically.

•             Affordable. There is no where you will discover a greater low cost software program than this one. When you measure the quantity of work it is going to do for you and the time it will serve you it is extra than affordable.

•             The excellent application for web optimization development. The machine gives better connection between one website to another making search engine marketing services even better.

•             You will also acquire consistent updates for the rest of your lifestyles once you get the product. This capability that you will be in the proper region each time.

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Thank you for reading this article. I hope its impact your online journey , I welcome your comment below. Thanks

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  1. Hello your story sounds good but it like this backling beast is to hard to understand does it offer step by step tutorials I captured my attention as I to want to drive traffic to my page and hit that number one sweet spot. Check your links buddy they don’t seem to lead to the software they go back to review.

    • Click it again it direct you to the software link directly . I checked it now it work perfect. Thank you to let me know this

  2. Boniface-AndroidBix

    Hello there!

    This is quite an interesting post and I think you have a valuable product in Backlink Beast. Though I have not tried any backlinking software myself, I understand how crucial backlinks are to the growth and ranking of any website. It is a kind of bloodline for the survival of a website among the heavily crowded internet. 

    It’s good to see that you say it is affordable, easy to use, autpmated and quick to give results. If I may ask, could the software cause one to be punished by SEO search engines like Google if they found out that the backlinking was not naturally warranted? Kindly let me know.


    Boniface- AndroidBix 

    • Thank you for your feedback. There is a manual at the software itself which explain best way to use the software without you land to the jail of google and it moderate your backlink receive every single day. So be rest assured that you follow the step and perfectly you are safe

  3. Hi, your post is very helpful and educating, I have been facing a lot of challenges that you discussed in your post toward my business and am finding solution to it, a like minded friend mentioned backing beast and am happy that I got another review from you about it, it leave me no choice to apply it to my business but I will be getting it through your affiliate link on your website and to help my friends to who might be facing this challenges and are not speaking it out for their business I will be sharing your website on my social media for them also to benefit from.your post.

    • OWWW Great from your end. Just try the product and find that its work the magic from your site and you will receive quality backlinks from most authority site

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    • Yes its easy to use without a complicated procedure even a primary six student can do it as soon as he can read and understand and apply video guide that is all.

  6. You have written a fabulous post and I can say that a lot of research have been put in to write this. Yes everyone wants to get their blogs and sites listed and even though I have just started in this world of online business, I recognise the importance of being ranked on the search engines. I think when I get good feet here, I’ll try backlink beast and I’ll be here to give my honest feedback too. Good one!

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    • You need to use the software every day so that you can maintain the status of first page on google because your competitor are looking for your down fall , so you much continuing using it

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your story and all of your struggles with us.  Your blog is definitely worth the read.  I still find it very difficult to understand what a backlink even is after reading it, though.

    We all need better SEO rankings and I am glad that Backlink Beast was able to help you.  This is a very difficult read and I’m not sure that I would use it although there does seem to be some use to it.  Might I suggest that you get a proofreader for your English skills?  I tried to glean as much as I could from this article but found it very difficult to understand.

    I appreciate all of your work and effort in this field and feel that you have a lot to offer!

  10. You are correct, I found your website because I am looking for ways to get my websites found.  I have been struggling with search engine rankings.    So, I do appreciate that you took the time to write a Backling Beast review.  

    I enjoyed your story about the guy that was super passionate about Flamingo’s.  It reminds me why I have a website in the first place.   It provides an opportunity to make money doing something that I am passionate about.  

    I do not think that I have a budget for paying for back links at this time.  Yet, I did learn a lot by reading this article.  Thank you.     I wish you the best as you work to keep Google happy.  

  11. Thanks for your review and hands-on experience of using the ‘Backling Beast’ tool to improve Google and other search engine results. You included a lot of details on the process that you went through and I gather that the results were more than satisfactory for you.

    I saw another tool at the top called Jaaxy. Is that part of the Backling Beast product as well? It provides keywords from the looks of it, not backlinks, so maybe not. In any case, you are writing very positive things about the ranking tool and I am interested and will check it out further, Thanks for your work putting this together.

    • Great, Jaxxy is different from backlink beast and their work are different as well, Jaxxy is doing the work on keywords reseach tools which can make your rank high why backlink beast increase the nuber of your backlink that google want and lead to your high ranking and increase your traffic

  12. Hi. That’s the problem with Affiliate marketing, to often we try to do everything ourselves because we don’t like to spend, or invest, the money. In any other business we would be happy to buy the tools required. Sometimes these tools can cost us thousands of dollars. But when it comes to affiliate marketing we believe that anything over $50 is to much. Thank you for this informative article on backlinks, like those other bloggers, I didn’t like to spend money on my site, but the truth is it’s simple not growing fast enough. After reading your blog I have decided that I will definitely check out the Back Link Beast. Jim

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    Anyway, thanks for the information..I’ve learnt something. 

    • Response to me with your social media and i will show the the sudden increase of my traffic after a month of using backlink beast. My traffic is around 40 per day and after a month i was able to receive700 to 900 every day. I f you still want screenshot let me know from this trend  

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  15. Marios Tofarides

    Hey there,

    This is a very good review, because SEO and SEM is an everchanging task. So, a tool that helps you and automates this task is always welcome!

    Exactly because search engine algorithms change and subsequently SEO changes, I’d like to know if this tool adjusts to these changes.

    Also, I would like you to elaborate a bit more on how it works, and what are we supposed to do



  16. Lovely review. I use backling beast a lot. Trust me, the software will do everything that they guarantee, it will improve your rankings for sure, but as with every SEO software like this – it is up to you if it will help you or not (it depends on your setup and your strategy). Do I recommend it? Absolutely Yes.

    Great review.


  17. Thank you for an interesting review of back link beast. I am always looking for easier ways to get back links but ethically as I know too many or back links can be a search engine killer. But this back link beast software looks like it might be a good choice.

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    • Try it and feed me back after 20 days of using it , if you will not thank more than your expectation. I wist you all the best.

  19. Ranking on the first page sometimes can be a nightmare. I think having good content is not enough. Google loves backlinks more than content. 

    You did a great case study. I like this Link Building Software, especially the 60-day guarantee. I see this program if fully automated means no hard work, the only question I have is the following: “If I have 120 posts on my site will I be adding post by post and getting backlinks to them or all links will be comming to my main anchor? Or I choose keywords I want to rank for and give my main link? Is there is training that will show me more details before I pay membership? Last question Can I try it out for a few months and then cancel my membership or there is a notice period? Thank you very much! I

    • Yes,  you can try it out 7 days for seven $$ and there is a video which will train you how to use the software. If you have 120 post , it is advisable to submit post by post for an effective ranking.

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    Seeing how it is possible to rank number one on Google page one without a backlink generating software, I know because I do not use software and can get to position one, how will Backlink Beast help me or is it more beneficial for those unlike me? Are the backlinks targeted to a niche audience and how does it determine that audience?

    • Backlink beast is very good and its very useful to all blogger. It interact like human been to give the Backlink the google recognised. Before its submit your site to the authority domains it create account to the site on his own and solve recaption and verify your account before submit your site. That is why its referred to as a beast

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