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  1. It is really strange to see the quota can being in so much traffic as you have recorded through the platform. I never would have thought about that though I make use of it to generate answers but then, wow!. You have given a great guide as to generating traffic through quota and if well followed and applied, it surely would provide room for success. I will bookmark this and apply iy often to help my website with more traffic from quota but I am sure it would take a lot of time to be able to establish oneself as an authority. Thanks

  2. What an enormous amount of information on Quora. All very interesting and valuable. 

    Enjoyed reading all the hints and tips and will find them very helpful.

    Have bookmarked this review, as I need time to go through it point by point, to digest it. I don’t want to gloss over it.

    Kind regards,


  3. Hey,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write a great article to read to know more about Quora,

    I never thought about it as a way to get more traffic to my blog, but as I was reading your review it makes sense to me!

    You’re sharing great tips here that will help me to start working on it. I will save your article on my Pinterest account as I’m sure I will come back to read more!

    You have a great website here!

  4. Wow, really like this idea honestly. I make use of Quora really well when I have answers to technical questions but I have never thought of creating a profile on the platform. It really is a good odeyand I’ll fork out time to do this. You have also given a step by step guide on how to create the profile,search for good questions and how to give answers too. Really awesome.ill try out Quora. Thanks again for all the help.

  5. Good advice and information. Let me start it off with practical ways to get noticed, have some sense of humor, tell stories, be authentic, be transparent. Have yourself properly profiled, keep the readers interested and avoid pitfalls of being vague in the way of expressing your thoughts in writing. Now Qura enters, it helps a lot among those I still remember are: Quora drives traffic to your blogs, source of long term traffic, help created an optimized profile, gets noticed by major publications, lets you established yourself as an authority.

  6. Quora has gone viral with its convinience. one can get almost all the information from there without just going to google so when you say its traffic can get us to where we want to be, I agree with you. I never used to think I’d consider it but seems it’s working for all kinds of bloggers so I will give it a try. Thank you for the effort you made to bring us this amazing information.

  7. I’ve heard of Quora and have created an account on it because I’d heard on the affiliate marketing grapevine that it was a good way of driving traffic to a blog. However, I was a bit lost as to how to actually go about doing it. You’ve written a great and really thorough guide which I will put into action ASAP. Another brilliant and really useful post, thank you for sharing.

  8. Thank you for this great guide on using quora. Judging by how it has increased your traffic, I reckon it is well worth giving this platform a try.  Not only can you answer questions and help others, but also ask questions for yourself.

    i see you have provided a detailed article to follow on how to go about setting up your profile which I am going to use. I just wondered if I could set up the same profile for different niches, or will I need to have a different profile for each niche I am in?

  9. Thank you for this great guide on using quora. Judging by how it has increased your traffic, I reckon it is well worth giving this platform a try.  Not only can you answer questions and help others, but also ask questions for yourself.

    i see you have provided a detailed article to follow on how to go about setting up your profile which I am going to use. I just wondered if I could set up the same profile for different niches, or will I need to have a different profile for each niche I am in?

  10. You deserve more than a trailer full of thank you for this robust knowledge poured here. I never knee there is a sire with great qualities That do not just give ideas and answer questions that bothers the heart, but also helps boost traffic and get new visitors when one answer questions. This us really interesting platform that I can’t wait to explore at the moment. Thanks for this great review. I’m grateful.

  11. This is interesting. I’ve always known Quora is a good source of traffic but never really knew how to actually go about it. I was actually surprised at the amount of traffic it has generated for you so far. This is simply amazing. I appreciate you taking the time to write out this detailed post on how to succeed with Quora. I will definitely start getting on Quora more to try out the steps you have laid down. And I’m definitely bookmarking this post for future reference!

  12. Your post makes me want to check out Quora immediately and create my own profile. I never knew how strongly it can contribute to drive people to my website. What inspires me most is that I can give myself opportunity to rise as a contributor as long as I give phenomenal answers to created questions. Is it okay if the range of my topic is only limited to my country? I’ve been thinking that I should be targeting specific audience instead of many because of too much competition in a given topic. I appreciate you for sharing this strategy to us. Thanks!

  13. This is an excellent article. It is really educating. I’ve been using Quora for answers to my questions for a long time. As a new affiliate I had no idea that Quora could be a good traffic source for my website. This article is very helpful to me as I will start using Quora as one of the source of traffic to my website.Thank you very much.


  14. I really enjoyed your post.  I myself have just joined Quora in the last few months. I am still learning the ins and outs of the benefits of it.  Your post really helped me understand how it can help my blogging website and really just how easy it can be. 
    I like the idea that using Quora can really help you become an authority on your niche website.  That is the key I think as to why it can really help so much.
    Great job.

  15. Thank you for this article! I have my own internet platform in the healthcare field. I am a member or Quora. Just as you mentioned, when I previously attempted to utilize Quora, I felt that I spent so much time on content in my answers on Quora that I felt that it was taking away from me developing quality content on my website. I will definitely be re-evaluating my relationship with Quora after reading your article. Thank you. Very informative.

  16. Brian Perisho - Fireman Marketing

    If you are an affiliate marketer like I am… You know we all need the traffic to become successful online.

    I personally have not used Quora but am looking to start in the near future.  I greatly appreciate your detailed article about how to get started with Quora.

    How long have you personally been using this technique with Quora?

  17. Thanks for this super-duper helpful article on Quora.  I’ve been on Quora for a while now and it’s one of my future strategies for driving traffic to my site, but for now, I’m just establishing authority on there.  I want to have a lot more content that I can link to first on my new site.  But this article is seriously helpful, especially about the bios!  I need to update mine now!  Thanks a TON!

  18. This is a great guide on Quora! I wish I could have found this earlier.

    Because when I started using Quora, it was with no experience or anything at all and a few times my answers were registered as spam because I was adding my website post links were ever relevant!

    Overall, in my option, Quora is quite helpful in driving tons of traffic to your website but the website does label people as scams if tons of links are shared will answering questions which people need to be careful about. 

  19. I have been seeing a lot of emails on Quora lately and I have heard several different things. My first question is, and it is probably obvious, is Quora considered social media. Another thing I have been working hard on lately is driving traffic to my site using social media and I will be the first to admit that I am probably a decade behind the movement.

    Is Quora another tool that we should add to things like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram? 

    I guess it has its place but the focus it looks like is different so it needs to be treated differently than something like Pinterest.

  20. As an online marketer all the time we have to rely on website traffic. I myself struggling for website traffic. Many things I have tried but haven’t got any satisfactory result. I heard about quora but never tried. I didn’t know that it is so powerful. In this article, you unveil everything about quora traffic. I think anyone who is struggling for website traffic will definitely get help from here. I am gonna follow all those instructions for my website traffic. Thanks a lot for this article.

  21. I’ve visited Quora a number of times in the past, usually for answers to problems I get with blogging etc. I had no idea, and I never really thought about driving traffic from them before. I suppose if you get a top answer published, you can get millions of eyes on your link!

    How are Quora about this – do they realise people are using their site to drive traffic and do they mind?

  22. I have used quora for bringing people to my site. But the only thing with quora is that you can only throw your link in if it makes sense. Otherwise, people can get removed from there for link spamming. I like that you are so generously sharing you ranking techniques — Another great article. 

  23. I have heard of Quora but have never actually taken the time to learn about or investigate its capabilities up until now.  But, after reading your post, I think I have been missing out on something and will be taking a closer look.

    There is just so much information here that I’m going to have to “Bookmark” this site and come back to read it two or three more times. Even then i probably won’t get it all.

    Ever wish you had a photographic mind in order to draw on material like this? That’s what I’m wishing right now.


  24. Having traffic in ones site is one of the biggest dream of a site own, especially one who is into affiliate marketing, because they understand the usefulness of such traffic in thier site. However looking at this post, I must commend you for taking your time to put up this useful post. I have heard quite a lot about Quora before now but I was havingbsome doubt’s about its authenticity. But from what i have seen in this post, I’ll love to give it a try now. Best regards

  25. Success Business Online

    Thank you for the comprehensive post on how to drive crazy traffic to our website with the power of quora.

    Personally, I did not use quora as my website traffic source.  But pior to your post, quora has been getting more attention from me as I realized that not only do articles get ranked here, the audience group is also massive.

    That being said, if one wants to post an article on quora, he still has to focus on writing a good quality article that provides quality information to his readers instead of selling for the sake of selling from his article.

    Last but not last, consistency in posting one’s article will greatly help especially to attract more traffic to your website.

  26. Wow, this is really beautiful. I have never thought that I too can open a quota account and draw website traffic from there. I usually use quota to get questions online. You have simplified everything by giving the details on how to open a profile and get it all going. Thank you for the help.

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