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How to Drive Insane Traffic From Instagram to Your Website

Not sure how to drive insane traffic to your webite with Instagram?

Sick of reminding people to test out your #linkinbio?

You’ve come to the right place.

There are rumors out there, my friend. Lots and plenty of rumors that Instagram DOESN’T power visitors to your website.


Thankfully, those rumors are one hundred percent false. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing and handing over this beautiful blog post to you, now would I?

Not sure how to force traffic to your website with Instagram?

Sick of reminding human beings to check out your #linkinbio?

You’ve come to the proper place.

There are rumors out there, my friend. Lots and lots of rumors that Instagram DOESN’T force visitors to your website.


Thankfully, these rumors are 100% false. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing and turning in this lovely weblog publish to you, now would I?

Since its launch in 2016, Instagram Stories has shaken up the digital advertising scene.

With each new feature, it’s given freelancers, brands, and influencers a powerful way to engage with their audience and develop their brands.

Instagram Stories is the BEST way to get clicks and web page views to your internet site from Instagram.

Plus, I love experimenting with the state-of-the-art elements to see how I can use it to improve my monthly site visitors and income even more.

In this guide, I’ll break down some of my preferred procedures that will assist your commercial enterprise get the site visitors love it deserves – all from Instagram.



Here are 6 approaches you can generate insane amounts of visitors from your Instagram to your website.

1. Add Links to Your Instagram Stories

If you have more than 10K followers on Instagram and a business account, you can use the app’s powerful “swipe up” feature.

It permits you to add a hyperlink to any of your Instagram Stories, making it the best way to pressure site visitors lower back to your website.


Use photos, videos, GIFs and plan to generate interest, and encourage human beings to swipe up! on your link.

Don’t forget about to add a visibly apparent call-to-action for your viewer to swipe up as the “See More” textual content that emerges at the bottom of the display screen to point out a link is connected to the Story is small and can without difficulty go unnoticed.

Bonus: Once you have the link feature, you can reach out to brands and help force visitors from your Instagram Stories to THEIR websites for a rate or product exchange.

Don’t have 10K yet? I’ve written a complete information on how to develop your following and how to use the “swipe up” characteristic once you release it.

2. Ask Your Audience to Direct Message You

Whenever I’m stumped about what to submit or write about, I appear at my DMs.

It’s a splendid way to see what questions humans have for me. I’ll then answer it and direct them to my blog, to my Instagram masterclass, or another relevant useful resource of mine.

If I word a lot of people asking the same thing, I’ll use the “swipe up” feature on my Instagram Story to share the put up that answers my follower’s questions.

Not getting lots of DMs to draw proposal from?

Use the question decal on Instagram Stories and ask your target market what they want help with or what they’d like to know.

Even if you don’t have a blog put up answering their question, it can help factor you in the direction of what you must write about next.

3. Use Instagram Stories to Tease Your Audience

Got a new blog post or product launch?



But don’t simply create one Story, add your hyperlink and then pray for traffic. ????

If you choose humans to click via to your website, you need to create anticipation.

One of my preferred methods to do this is with my weblog articles. I like to let humans be aware of what’s coming subsequent and when it’s live.

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Then I’ll share the submit in a number formats:

I’ll screenshot or screen-record the post

I’ll do a video talking about it

And I’ll do a Story about some of the key takeaways internal the post

You can use this tactic to create “mini blog posts” simply on the Instagram platform, tutorials the usage of your product, or to promote a new online course.

By spreading out your posts like this, you create an enticing Story.

It helps your target market understand HOW clicking your link will answer their questions or remedy a problem.

(Remember: human beings constantly choose to be aware of what’s in it for them.)



4, Create Highlights to Consistently Drive Teaffic With Instagram Stories


You can use the characteristic to name interest to your most recent products, on-line publications or latest weblog post.

Have any patron testimonials?

Throw some up on your Stories, hyperlink it to the product they are speaking about and create a Highlight. It’s a double whammy to create worthwhile social proof and get your web page views booming.

But if you don’t have 10K followers for the “swipe up” feature, you can still use this tactic.

Here’s how:

Make the first Story of your Highlight a call-to-action asking your followers to click on on the link in your bio.

Next, create a few Stories that share more records about the merchandise or the weblog post.

Wrap up this Highlight with yet some other C-T-A to click the hyperlink in your bio.

Have a new link in your bio to feature? You can delete the unique Stories from your Highlight once you have a new set of Stories and a hyperlink to promote. Just do not forget about to add in the new Stories to your Highlight after putting off the old ones!

More Tips for Driving Traffic with Instagram Stories

5. Track Your Links

Use a device like Bit.ly to see which hyperlinks are getting the most clicks and which Stories are getting the most love.

You can take it a step further by using hopping onto Google Analytics to music their experience from once they land onto your site to when they leave.

By delving deep into your analytics, you’ll get a better understanding of what content resonates with your audience.

It will assist you create greater attractive Stories, blog posts and products that you can guess your followers will love.

If you don’t have Google Analytics, you can test your Instagram Stories insights.

Under the Content tab in your Insights, you will be able to view the variety of impressions from your Stories posted in the preceding 14 days.

And if you saved the Story to one of your Highlights, you may be capable to swipe up on any given Story interior the Highlight to view the data generated for that Story to date.

And if you saved the Story to one of your Highlights, you may be able to swipe up on any given Story internal the Highlight to view the statistics generated for that Story to date.

6. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Viewing

No one needs excessive jump charges and zero sales. ????

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, all of your traffic-generating efforts won’t get you the results you want.


I mean, Instagram is a MOBILE platform first and foremost, right?

You do not favor to invest time creating attractive Stories and growing your target audience to 10K simply to have human beings leave your web site because of awful UX (user experience).

Visit your internet site on your telephone and double test that it is easy to navigate, quick to load and easy to read.

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  1. Mecyll Gaspary

    For a while now, I have been experimenting a lot with Instagram and its potential to drive massive traffic back to my site. Right now, I’m using my favorite scheduling tool to get the most of it. I scheduled my posts, mostly quotes, and have it exposed to my target audience. 

    Now, you said to make use of the IGTV and the highlights. I might have to check on it. But do you have other tips, perhaps concerning the types of posts, that are by-far drive the most traffic? I want to ask that because I have been experimenting with a lot of topics but they seem to be ineffective. Your response will be much appreciated. 

    • I have highlighted all the procedure to take , so as to get insane traffic from instagram, therefore i will advice you to go back and read and re-read the post for more understanding then apply what you have digest to drive more traffic to your site

  2. It is timely post for me. I am planning to use Instagram for my business right now. You provide nice advice for beginner like me. I just opened my Instagram account and uploaded three pictures. However, when I tried to upload picture from my desktop, it comes with error message. Is it possible to upload picture directly form desktop? My goal to use Instagram is to promote affiliate products. Is it possible to list direct affiliate link, such as clickbank link, in Instagram? I bookmarked your webpage and will come back for references. Thanks for sharing! 

    • Yes you can use direct link to instagram but at lease you are advise to use landing page instead because you collect their email for future promotion , so using direct link , it mean you are selling you traffic to third party

  3. Thanks a lot for the helpful and informative article.

    Over the past few months, I am hearing a lot of great news about incredible Instagram and how it can drive traffic to our website. So I searched online for some helpful information on how to drive traffic from Instagram and came across your insightful post.

    Once I read, Success Leaves Clues and by following those who are already a success, we can also achieve the same level or amount of success (Modeling). Sharing from your own experience adds more value to this post and for sure you are saving us a lot of time.

    Instagram Stories is the way to go, and I got great insights from your article. Attaining the link feature by having 10,000+ followers is my target now.

    Great tips and advice! I must say I found your post highly uplifting and educational.

    Much Success!


    • Nice one from your end. i appreciate you for your kind gesture. this give me more headache to get more quality post for my followers 

  4. Well made article. I myself struggle to generate traffic for my website, I may have to try Instagram to try and get at least some sort of audience. Have you yourself attempted Instagram for generating traffic, if so, how’s that been going for you. How much traffic do you generate on average? I wanna try it out, but I’d like some proof of traffic being generated before going for it.

  5. Hi! Traffic, we can’t build a business without it!

    I know that creating good content and consistently publishing posts on our site are key factors to get better rankings in Google and thus drive more traffic. But I also know that Instagram is a powerful tool to have more eyeball read our content. I greatly appreciate some of the tips you have mentioned. Specially the one concerning creating stories on Instagram and leaving a link to our post. I’ll also try creating anticipation to our posts. When done correctly, these tips must work as a charm. They surely must have a significant impact on our traffic. Thanks!

  6. This is exactly what I was looking for. Instagram is getting on popularity more and more and just like you said it is a great source of free and targeted traffic. I never used it, I even don’t have a personal profile so this article will help me a lot to start with that social media. Thank you a lot for sharing such useful tips.

  7. Hi, thank you for this great post on how to drive traffic to your website from Instagram. I have just created an Instagram account to try and promote my website these tips will surely come in handy. I will bookmark this for future reference. Thanks

  8. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks so much for sharing this. Instagram users are growing by the day and it is imperative to take advantage of this and that has been the reason I want to major my social marketing on it. I already have a growing number if followers but I want it to be more focused and also to help drive enough traffic to my website. The 6tips shared here are great and definitely worth giving a trial. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. I will put them to practice henceforth

  9. Oh this is very beautiful. You know, I actually make use of Instagram but I never really thought I could make the better of it by using it to drive home traffic to my website. Lately, the social media platform has been taking over and it receives a lot of visitors per day. I will make sure I use your tips to my advantage and see how well it works for me. Thank you for all the steps you added,maybe I will also make use of scheduling tools for ease.

  10. Thisnis very creative I must confess. My son just got to open his own web page and he haven’t had so much traffic on his site which keeps his sad. Funny enough he has quite a lot of followers on his Instagram account. I love these simple steps at which one can generate traffic from his Instagram account. I’ll inform him about this beautiful post so he can benefit from it. Thanks for sharing

  11. I’ve got the hang of twitter and Pinterest, at least to some extent, but have not been able to get my head around Instagram. Until now, that is! I didn’t realize that you can only add links directly to posts once you have more thank 10,000 followers. It’s starting to make sense now. Thanks very much for an information-packed post that I’m going to put into action as soon as I can.

  12. I have been making use of Instagram for quite some time and I have to say that I have just not being able to figure out how to get reasonable traffic to my website. I am use to telling my readers to always go to link for bio and that is just about it. I don’t do anything else apart from that and don’t even make use of instagram stories. I have learnt a lot from this post and I really thank you for taking the time to write this.

  13. Hi there!

    Thank you for taking the time to write this informative post.

    I agree that Instagram is only really useful as a driver for business and traffic to your site when utilized correctly. 

    Many simply post and mention that the link is in their bio, but very few people actually go and check that out. Building up an Instagram account takes a lot of hard work, and a few posts here and there with no links and IG stories will basically get you nowhere.

    I agree with your information, I also find that I allow myself to be directed to other sites easier when browsing Instagram stories and then swiping up to the link.

    I did not know that you need 10k followers to use the swipe-up feature. I guess Instagram doesn’t want just anyone to drive traffic away from their site. I also like your idea of asking people to DM you, as it gives such a good picture of what your actual client wants.

    Do you think it’s best to wait until you have a solid business and website before you start an IG account to drive traffic to your site, or should you start straight away?

    Thanks in advance.


  14. Thanks for pointing out these methods to drive traffic to your website. I didn’t realize that instagram had the feature to add a link. That’s a powerful tool for sure. I’m glad you’ve pointed out ways to use the cool instagram features for those who are still building towards 10k followers. Analytics and tracking is also a powerful tool in order to see where things are working!

  15. Thank you for this great informative post!  I’ve been struggling with social media, not so much posting on it but getting any real traction.  I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

    I’d like to start focusing on the dos and don’ts for each platform.  The tips you’ve provided here are invaluable to me.  I definitely need to boost my followers so I can take advantage of the swipe up feature.

    I think I’m falling flat on my call to actions, or lack thereof.

    Thanks again, you’ve given me a lot to work with!


  16. Hi

    I am glad I stumbled on this article, as it had answered a number of questions that I have had on Instagram. I have just started using Instagram and it takes a lot of effort to get people to follow you. You gave to constantly come up with new posts, which can be so time consuming. When I saw the 10000 followers my jaw dropped as that is a lot of hard work and effort. It would take me years to get up to that figure. I would have to read your other articles to find how it is done.

    I think all your tips are timely and very useful.



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  20. Traffic is integral to one’s success online as an affiliate marketer and getting it organically is the best way to go about it rather than having to pay for add and various campaigns just to generate leads. Considering the involvement of everybody on Instagram, it is becoming a target ground for affiliates now and I’m glad you have shared these tips on how best to maximize Instagram. I will definitely practice a couple of things I have learnt here. Thanks

  21. Fascinating coverage on how to drive more people to your site. I always get a bit confused on how Instagram works to facilitate traffic but you have given me some great ideas. How do you propose growing your following to 10K? 

    U use the Google Analytics tool . It s an awesome means of tracking traffic from where and to what people are drawn to? MonsterInsights is also very good as an analytical tool. Good post.

  22. Thanks for covering this topic. I’ve been hearing a lot about how Instagram can build traffic to your website. I guess I have to work on getting more followers before applying all this so that doing your suggestions won’t be futile. I will be focusing learning how to use analytics to better improve my strategies on which content I must feature. Your tips on highlighting my stories relevant to products and adding hyperlink shall be put into practice.Honestly, I am not a day to day Instagram user but this time I will try to make use of this platform for my website. You’re a great help!

  23. It is the hardest i have experienced here on online marketing; Driving Traffic to my site. Actually you inspired me with the way you force your followers I mean I have never though about DMing my Instagram followers in thought of getting them to see my business. this helps me a lot and i will start engaging more on my Instagram like you do so that I get to where you are now. Thank you so much for the article


  24. Very nice and educating articles about getting traffic from Instagram to your website. And I’m pretty sure if you follow these steps you provided, add nice content and are patient enough, eventually there will be insane traffic coming to your website or blog. I have been struggling to start to use social media as a part of my online business. I have only 3k FB and 5k Instagram followers. What do you think, would it be better to promote my online business and its services via my personal account or create a business account? If last mentioned, how to monitor all the traffic, comments when you start to have let’s say 5-10 websites or businesses to promote? 10x social media accounts on four or five social media platforms sound like a job itself for me :S

  25. Wow, this is a great resource on generating traffic with Instagram. I have not delved into playing around with Instagram yet, there are just so many platforms to master, but I think I will start creating content that is more imagery and video based. Which Instagram seems perfect for.

    Thanks for letting me know that it takes 10K followers before “swipe-up” is available. Now to get those 10k followers lol. 

  26. You have offered a ton of great tips in this post and some of which I can use right away.  I have had difficulty understanding Instagram but I think this is going to help.  

    I will have to take the advice you offered to another commenter and come back and re-read this three or four more times in order to get a better understanding of what you are saying here.  

    I hope that you’re not offended when I say that your English is a bit broken (totally understand), and in some places is hard to understand.  That said, I still learned a lot and will be back to learn more.


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  32. After reading your post, I have also wondered, how is it possible that I’ll be able to drive traffic from Instagram. Because they do not not a comprehensive platform like Facebook. Instagram is mostly filled with pictures. After reading this, I can understand the concept and what I have to do to drive good traffic. I can post links on bio and on stories too. That’s a very good one. Thanks for the valuable information.

  33. I have my website but am not an Instagram user but after reading your blog on how to drive Insane Traffic from Instagram! linking .. I proceeded to know, how. All the list you gave me is for sure I could learn and practice. So I am decided to create my Instagram asap. My daughter was a long-time user of Instagram. I want to use it to add links to my Instagram stories,  I would love to ask my audience to just directly ask me questions,, I would try to create highlights to drive traffic with Instagram stories use my stories to tease them and humor them to come to my links, sure, trade my links and optimized my website for mobile viewing!

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  35. Wow I never knew the highlights is that powerful, that’s practically a game changer! No wonder some people put specific links on their bio instead of their shorter website URL, genius! I heard that the more you story, the more people will also follow us on Instagram due to related searches, is this true maybe?

  36. This is a helpful article, too!  I didn’t realize that you could add a link in Stories eventually.  I’m really going to have to beef up my followers!  It’s a new account because it’s a new website, but I am definitely getting traction. I’m going to have to focus more on Instagram than what I am doing.  Thanks again for letting me know you can eventually include a Call-to-Action!

  37. Hello

    We deal with WA and your article is the best guide

    Instagram is a common medium that can help a lot in promoting the site

    The technique you mention “push up”
    can push my visitors and push them to my site the photos, videos, encourages people to push up on your link.

    I’m glad you have pointed out many ways to use

    I think all your tips are timely and very useful.


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    Looking at these tips, I’m sure these will help and I will definitely be implementing and trying them out with my Instagram account! Thank you!

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    I’m wondering if I could merge some of the Twitter tactics I used in the past to this new platform – how well do hashtags work on Instagram and what is your advice for using them?

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