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How To Earn $4000 From Web-design Every Month

I had been troubled. The first trouble was once that my spouse and I wished to come up with simply over $26,000 to meet our goal of getting out of debt in the subsequent 3 1/2 months.

That used to be a problem due to the fact that, I used to be making simply adequate at my day job to get bye. Which leads to my second problem, time, or as an alternative – the lack thereof. Between a full-time job and a family, the time I had left to work towards our intention was once limited.


We did it though. In the starting of December, 2017, we paid off our ultimate debt and, for the first time in our marriage, we had been debt free.

How? On week-nights and on Sundays I built websites for clients. My time was once confined and the amount of cash I needed to make used to be high, so it was once necessary to maximize the time that I spent on task. It supposed a lot of late nights and sleeping deprivation, to be sure, however we made it through and, searching back, I solely remorseful about that I didn’t do it sooner.

As I lately reflected again on that experience, I realized that the lessons I realized and the techniques I used to get my household out of debt have been relevant beyond my situation. You can use them too.


If you want cash and you’re brief on time, I can’t assume you anything higher than building web sites section time. Let’s seem at how to do that successfully with maximizing income a pinnacle priority.

Make Yourself Available

Your consumers want to comprehend that your existence. If manageable clients do not recognize your existence, your work is going to be a bit harder. Odds are, though, you are linked to extra people than you think. It’s vital to begin with these people and let them know that you are now handy to build websites.

I made myself availability acknowledged on my non-public internet site (if you intend to build websites for others, you do need to have your own). I emailed people I’d carried out work for in the previous and let them be aware that, I was once handy again. I maximized my present networking connections and, out of that, I commenced to line up the first few projects.

If you haven’t had any past trip constructing websites, it is okay. We all have to begin somewhere and I cannot assume of a better time than proper now. Learn how to get your first internet development client. Check out how made $4000 on fiverr here

Get Gazelle Intense

My wife and I started our ride toward debt freedom with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Early in the program, Dave talks about the importance of what he calls “gazelle intensity.” When a cheetah takes off after a gazelle, that gazelle runs and it runs because it’s existence is on the line.

When a cheetah takes off after a gazelle, that gazelle runs and it runs because its lifestyles is on the line.

I realized that I couldn’t be any much less serious if we have been going to obtain our goals. I reduce out something and the whole lot I could in life, I sacrificed, and I made the small quantity of time that I had available to me as productive as I possibly could. It supposed late nights. It intended working on Sunday (Saturday used to be my one day a week off). It supposed giving it everything that I had.


That sacrifice and the depth with which I worked paid off. If you are going to make money building web sites part-time you need to be intense about it and maximize the confined time you do have available.

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Use a Platform

The platform i used most are fiverr and freelancer  .   To make $4000+ a month part-time, you’re going to want to be fast. If you do not already be aware of how to build websites from scratch, now isn’t always the time to learn. If you do recognize how to build websites from scratch, I quite propose that you set that information apart for now. You want to use a platform.

WordPress is my favorite and I recommend it highly. It has a proven music record, open source development crew in the back of it, neighborhood support, numerous theme options, and momentum.

Don’t go out and purchase any books on web development (yet), do not join in any instructions at your nearby university (unless it’s a quick classification and any one passionate is instructing it). You need to focus on getting results as effectively and as successfully as possible. There has never been a higher time than proper now to make use of a platform it is already been built, and is properly past the tipping factor of pleasant and popularity.

If there are particular duties that don’t seem to be section of your core strengths, reflect consideration on discovering a freelancer to help you with those.

Use Pre-Built Themes

The WordPress default theme is likely no longer going to reduce it for your clients and studying how to customize it isn’t always the fine use of your time (right now). Envato, FreelanceSwitch’s mum or dad company, has ThemeForest, a remarkable theme marketplace for WordPress. I use ThemeForest for the majority of my smaller, $1500-$2500 projects.


Should you ever construct your personal themes? Sure, if you are an expert. But now, not while you are working as a part-time. If I’d written this article 2 years ago, my advice would not have been so strong, but the preferences these days are amazing. For anybody starting out — specifically any individual with a restricted quantity of time — the use of pre-built themes is the first-class way to go.

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Charge the Right Price

If you are going to make $5000+ a month, you cannot be building web sites for only a few hundred dollars. You’re doing yourself and your clients a disservice. You want to charge a fair price. Consider the price that you’re able to supply by way of leveraging a platform and by way of supporting them put that platform to use.

If you’re going to make $5000+ a month, you can’t be building websites for solely a few hundred dollars.

Wrap your thought around the value and center of attention on what constructing an internet site can do for your client’s business. I propose that you cost $2500 per project. Don’t go for much less than $1000 per mission and make positive that you can end the venture with an common of over $75/hour (that’s what it takes to make $5000+ a month working part-time).

Check out our social media marketing strategies

Create a “Wow” Experience

In Michael Hyatt’s new book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, (great book) he talks about the importance of creating a “Wow” ride for the clients you serve.

I cannot stress this enough. From the first factor of contact, whether by using phone, in-person, or by email, all the way to after the website is launched, focus on growing a journey that exceeds your client’s expectations. As the adage goes, below promise and over deliver.

It takes time and energy to create a “Wow” journey and, on a part-time basis, your time is limited. Focus on the energy. Go the extra distance, hold a superb attitude, and be intentional about searching for approaches to create a brilliant experience.


Think about it when you are in the car, laying in bed, or taking a shower. Ask yourself, “How can I create a high-quality trip for my client?” Take a few minutes after every mission to mirror on what you have learned and write down thoughts that you can practice to the new challenge to cultivate a “wow.”

Ask for Endorsements and Referrals

When the work is done, ask for an endorsement. Keep it simple. Ask your customer to write 2-3 sentences about their experienced working with you. Take their endorsement and put it up on your website. Then, ask them for referrals!

Ask if they know of all of us else who wants a website, then take the initiative to follow-up on any and all hints they supply you. Referrals are the high-quality way to grow an enterprise and it is essential for you to ask your consumers and supply them an opportunity to make a contribution to your success via referring you to others.

Master Your Craft

As you begin to strengthen traction and experience, it’s essential to invest in your training and focus on mastering your craft. Now is the time to begin studying books and blogs on net development. Enroll in some on-line courses. Pick an area to specialize and begin to focal point on creating your ability set further.

Attend events in your area of interest and community with others. Ask questions and analyze from the journey of these who’ve long past before you. As the demand for websites grows, so will the quantity of people attempting to meet that demand increases. If you’re going to stand out, you want to continuously work towards a mastery of what you do.

As your success approves you time to sit back, go ahead and revel in a short rest, then get proper lower back to it and work continually towards mastery.

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  1. Can I possibly build website for others even without experience? I’m not really good with web designs and all that has anything to do with it. Sure I am knowledgeable in office computer program and social media but that’s just it. As I was reading your article, I find it reliable with all the trustworthy trainers and developers you got the chance to work with like Dave Ramsey. I, too want to experience financial freedom, and who wouldn’t want to learn strategies on this platform to earn lucrative amount? I am going to check out your free training. I hope I can fully understand the nitty gritty of the whole process. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. It’s truly inspiring and motivating as well. 

  2. These are really wonderful tips I must say and following them would lead to great sucves in business. I never knew web designing can be this lucrative. These are nice tips I must say and the aspect of “mastering your craft” is very important. My son is into web designing and haven’t been getting well paid for his job and this makes him really sad. I’ll share this post with him and hopefully he will get his desired cash following these tips. Pleased to be here.

  3. Oh getting US$4,000 from website design is an amazing number. Did it come from only one project? I like tweaking website design with Genesis theme from WordPress. Is it enough if we use a website builder theme for the client, or do we really need some actual website coding knowledge to start this gig? Thanks in advance for your answer

  4. This is something that I have been thinking of doing. I did build a couple of WordPress websites for people I know but it was not something I devoted much of my time to doing. I think the time is now to start looking into doing this more often. However my spare time is a little bit rare because of the other ways I make money online.

    I belong to one of the internet’s premiere affiliate marketing training communities. From what I have learned with that training I not only make money with four different affiliate programs but I also take my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge and either write content or perform services on the websites of local businesses.

    Perhaps if I start out slow and divert some of my earnings to pay others to write content for my affiliate sites, that may free up more time for me. Or I can train someone to build WordPress websites and have them help me and we split the profits. Either way, your post here has given me some great ideas. Thank you for sharing this information.

  5. Hi 

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing and informative post about the digital lifestyle affiliate. By reading your post it is very clear to me that digital lifestyle affiliate is a site that helps to aspiring and already successful affiliate marketers succeed online. Affiliate marketing is a platform where one can promote one’s thought and can earn money easily. I feel very proud that I am also a part of affiliate marketing. 

    Thanks again. I’ll definitely share this post with my friends and family. 

  6. Though I learnt the skills needed to build a website right from scratch or helped ones, I never thought I would need to make a gig out of it. 2500$ per website design, that is massive and I will surely give it a trial. Also, I have a website design  group which is meant for designers around, I will share this post out to them and hopefully it would help out a lot of  people. Thanks for this beautiful article

  7. Gravatar Support


    Thank you for sharing this information. I am very excited to learn there is the opportunity to $4000 per month. May I know how long will it take to do that and how many hours per day is needed?

    Suggestion, when I click on any link on the page, can it open as a new tab instead? Help to save time from scroling back. 

    Warmest Regards

    Marc Ho

  8. Web designing has always been the job I enjoy engaging myself in always. I have been doing this job for over a year and there haven’t been much income on it. I only do it based On the love or passion I have in it. I design for Friends also most times and this has not been productive in any way.  I am really glad I read this step by step guide on how to make money. Wow! Now I am sure of a particular amount or its range in a month. Thanks for this value adding review.

  9. Wow, this is really wonderful. I had classes on web design online in the past but ibdumped it because I wasn’t really feeling it plus I didn’t know I could male so much from it. Now that I know better, I think making money won’t be hard. Maybe I can’t make up to. $4000  a month but I’ll be able to get close when I get faster. Thank you for adding fiverr and freelancer as platforms where I can get on to get clients. I really appreciate your post

  10. Hi,

    I have often thought if it is possible to build basic websites for people that have no experience or interest in making their own. Fiverr is a good place for micro jobs, but I wasn’t aware that it was possible to find work as a web designer on there too. I have made some blog websites, but I’m not sure if I am experienced enough if the customer wants something more complicated.

  11. Amazing tips there. 

    And here I was thinking of how to raise up-to $3,000 for a project I need to do. $4,000 to building a website is really a big one and from what I read from your article would require a lot of hard work, sleep deprivation and all. But it’s ‘s worth the sacrifice. Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. I need to explore on this. 


  12. When we know why we want something so bad, then we put all our energy into it  and work as much as we can. There are nights I have stayed awake just to create content and build my website. I know this sleepless nights will pay off handsomely.

    It is a good thing you found clients to create websites for. There are really limitless potential with Fiverr and Freelancer. I can attest to that. Great to hear you are now debt-free, shows that everything is possible online.

    Thank you for these great insights. 

  13. Thanks for sharing your story and at the moment I am in the same situation. I got great motivation from this post and debt-free life is a blessing.

    You not only discussed the problem but you have provided the solution as well. Being a blogger I have some experience in building websites and I am going to implement what I learned from your informative post.

    Dave Ramsey is one of my favorite. Get Gazelle Intense is an eye-opener for me. I made a little money in the past using Fiverr platform by placing my content writing gig. But never thought about web designing and for sure it’s on my list.

    Your article certainly made me think more on the subject. Thank you for this elaborated write-up.

    Much Success!


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  15. Excellent article on how to earn money,your post is awesome and truly making money through building websites for clients for at good price,for those who know nothing about building website can make it in affiliate marketing,success approves you time to sit back, go ahead and revel in a short rest, then get proper lower back to it and work continually towards mastery,its true,and I’ve learned greatly from your article,thank you for sharing.

  16. Thanks for taking time to write on this. I wish I found this kind of article 4 years ago, when I was striving to make a dime on the net. Initially I thought it was all mirage, and the only few that kills it on the net are the lucky few ones. I got to know that it’s very possible to make cool cash every month with your skills from fiverr and some freelance websites. But then, I had little or no digital skills. So I started learning wordpress design (“master your craft”). My first order (job) was an ecommerce wordpress web design and I earned $400. That was the beginning of my breakthroughs for me on the web.

    This a very good article, and I might share to help some people who currently in the condition I was 4 years ago.


  17. With those lucrative gigs in Fiverr earning people thousands of dollars per month in web design, I’d like to know if, are the clients coming from the United States or are there people outside of the USA that are willing to pay that price just to have their websites created for them? I’m from the Philippines, have some knowledge in web design, and would like to know how I can utilize my knowledge to earn the same amount of money.

  18. What a great idea to take your existing skills and make websites for others, and congratulations on getting out of debt so quickly. It just shows what can be done if you put your mind to it.

    I would love to know just how you went about marketing yourself and getting clients. Did you do it via your website alone, or did you also do some separate advertising?

  19. Did I just see you mentioning 2500$ per website? That is a whole lot of money. In truth, I never knew that website designing could be this much lucrative as a gig. Though I did learnt it a little but I never truly practiced to hone my skills in it. Though I can still design a website but it won’t be as professionally looking as it should be. Definitely, this is what given considerations and  I’m going to revisit back to my trainings to see how well I can still go with designing. Also, the tips you shared concerning how to market the brand is great. Thanks for this article.

  20. When I first started online I had absolutely no idea how to create a website but lucky I was able to find tutorials that showed me how to do this. Now that I am familiar with the concept I can now build a website with so much ease and would like to get paid building websites for others but I do wonder if anyone would be willing to pay up to a $1000 for this. That seems like an over reach. Is it really possible to earn that much from building only one website for a client?

  21. Thanks for sharing your method and details for making money for part time work online. How much of a cut of the project does fiverr take when you are working through them? Do you typically charge an up front set price / “per project” price, or charge hourly? It seems like a great way to earn a decent amount of money part time!

  22. I do not have knowledge of building a website. But I love to. In my mind there are many ways to find a site to help me create one. You gave me some advice which I think I would take that is to learn online and follow the tips you have enumerated. Use of Platform such as the Fiverr and freelancer, You also mentioned WordPress, which is the platform we use in making websites in Wealthy Affiliate. So the guideline for a starter like me is yes get an online course, Use pre-built Themes with a recommendation to see ThemeForest. I also understand the marketing price of making decent websites ranging from 1500 to 2500 and 5000 monthly that is when I got into the groove of making websites myself by mastering the craft. Yes, some of the advice is a given create a wow experience and ask for referral and recommendation. Great enlightenment. Great content.

  23. This is awesome!  I’ve been building several websites using the WordPress platform now for a couple of years.  I love it.  That said, these sites were just for me and not for clients so I’ve never done it for pay.

    I’m loving the tips you’re giving here, especially the ones regarding pricing.  I would have definitely underpriced myself.  I’m going to have to take a look at Michael’s book too.  It sounds promising.

    Would it be prudent to add a created by or some other tag line (much like the copyright messages you see at the bottom of several sites), almost like a small ad or is that off-putting to clients?

    There are several themes that I like but I am also working with a page builder called Elementor.  What are your thoughts on that?

    Thanks again,


  24. I must confess this is a really wonderful way of making money and these amount mentioned in this post is mouth watering and anyone would gladly jump at it. Starting a business for me isn’t a big deal, the real work is the process of running the business and being consistent in it. And that’s brings me to the aspect of mastering ones craft, once this is done, anyone would have a smooth path to making money. 

  25. Hi! Finding sustainable ways to make money online isn’t easy. I know there is a lot of noise being made of people saying you can earn tons of money online. But the fact is that they just want you to join some shady site and take some of your money away.

    But what you have explained here is really valuable. First of all, explaining it takes a lot of work to make money online. And also describing the process, the platforms you used and the outcome.

    I joined Fiverr some time ago but haven’t published any gigs yet, but reading your post, I have been encouraged to start publishing. I’m grateful I found your post. Thank you very much!

  26. I don’t have a whole lot of experience in designing websites other than a few that i’ve made for myself. I’d say that the hardest part is the theme and getting the appearance right. You mentioned something about using a basic theme as opposed to customizing it ?  Could you do that with what WA offers ? I have recently been working on a website for an individual’s business and am making progress, the only issue I seem to have is when it comes to SE specifically google. Who knows, maybe this is what I should be doing if I can find clients that need the service.  

  27. Web Designing is one thing I nearly invested my time in before i got to do Affiliate Marketing. I don’t have any knowledge about it but i was ready to start learning until WA happened haha. I like that it did but if I did both at the same time I think my pocket change would have increased tremendously by now.  I should possibly check out your training and slowly give it time so that I get the breakthrough you got.
    Thank you

  28. I have basic knowledge in website building as a result of joining an online program that basically teaches everyone and anyone who is interested in starting their very own online business. However, it never really crossed my mind to earn money by building and designing websites for other people.

    This is such a great idea. With the ease of putting up a site with WordPress, I don’t see any reason why I should not give this a try. And since you’ve been doing this for quite sometime now, can you give me an idea how much I can charge a client for a website with a basic theme. Do you include the domain and hosting? 

    Thank you.

  29. Thanks for those great tips. I was unaware you could make money on Fiverr by building websites for others. It’s definitely something I need to consider. I have built my own affiliate marketing website using WordPress, but I’m not sure if I have enough experience to build one for others. Your article has got me thinking though, good to hear you were able to pay off your debts doing this. Great article.

  30. Really useful advice here, especially about setting prices. It’s so easy to undervalue your work but that can make you look like an amateur. Raise your prices and you attract a different kind of customer and, of course, make more money in the process. Fiverr is a great way to get started as a freelancer: it’s quick and straightforward and lets you build your skill set and make some extra cash at the same time.

  31. Its really surprising to know of an online business that pays up to $4000 every month. To be sincere, I wouldn’t have believed this much can be made from web Designing, this is really amazing. I am really interested in making as much as this and I think I’ll opt for tutorials on how to design website,. Thanks for sharing this educating article and also for impacting knowledge by sharing your personal experience. This will really serve as a push to success for me, thank you.

  32. I love coming to your website because this is yet another very informative and educational post, I have build my own website and it is up and running and doing quite well, however, I would never have thought about designing or building a website for someone else but after reading your post here I am truly inspired and motivated to really make a go of it, I have bookmarked your website and I will be coming back for more of your great money making ideas, thank you for sharing.

  33. Wow! I guess this is as insightong as it could get when it comes to making money through web designing. Though I do not have too much knowledge in the process of building a website but atleast, I have little knowledge on how to set it up and the ways to market it all to the credit of this website. Thanks so much for sharing. This is very lucrative

  34. Ofcourse, to make such an amount, one will need a lot of hardwork and sleepless nights too. I don’t mind giving it a try because I have a lot of debts on me right now. This is not a bad idea at all. Thank you so much for sharing this tips of website design to make good money. It’s a very good chance for me. I’ll share this post with friends too.

  35. Wow, nice talk here. I think this is going to give me an opportunity to make some very good money here. I didn’t think that web design was so lucrative. I understand that j will be needing to put in so much work for success but I know I can handle it. I have to say a big thank you to you for bringing this opportunity. I will see to this. Thanks

  36. This is really awesome and seeing how lucrative this offer is, I would definitely give it a trial. I have a brother who is very talented in making websites and seeing that you have shared tips on the best ways to market it and the prices to charge, I’m very sure this would come as a blessing to him. Thanks so much for this information and u will surely give it a go.

  37. Freelancing and Fiverr is a great site to earn some money either full-time or part-time depending on your skills. Website design has certainly been popular for a long time now, which means you need to have skills that make you stand out from everybody else. With themes such as the Divi theme or Elementor theme which you can use to custom design pages via drag and drop, or by buying themes from marketplaces such as ThemeForest, it is certainly difficult when your original customer can do the same thing. That’s why to succeed with web design today, you also need to be able to add in your own special elements such as graphic design, social media marketing, etc. What are some of your tips to stand out from the rest of the people freelancing?

  38. Freelancing and Fiverr is a great site to earn some money either full-time or part-time depending on your skills. Website design has certainly been popular for a long time now, which means you need to have skills that make you stand out from everybody else. With themes such as the Divi theme or Elementor theme which you can use to custom design pages via drag and drop, or by buying themes from marketplaces such as ThemeForest, it is certainly difficult when your original customer can do the same thing. That’s why to succeed with web design today, you also need to be able to add in your own special elements such as graphic design, social media marketing, etc. What are some of your tips to stand out from the rest of the people freelancing?

  39. Thank you for this! I am actually an affiliate marketer and I am looking for other ways to earn money online. I am continuously looking for other opportunities wherein I can focus on. I will look into this now but if you have other reviews and recommendations feel free to share it here 🙂 thank you and all the best! 

  40. Wow, I have never thought that I could make so much from web design. That is SK much money I wouldn’t kue and it is going to be of good help to me. Once I can start, I’ll put in my all. I understand that you say that its going ti be Tim consuming but I guess the money ks worth it at the end. Nice post you have here. Thanks for the help.

  41. Oh thank you, you know, I have been into the online business for quite sometime now and I have never seen any online job that can pay this much. I have seen that hou say it will take time but you bringing it up is good. You have also explained where one can get training that will be helpful and relevant to ones goals. That’s very awesome. I have never thought that if do web design before but having seen this post, I really want to give it a go. Thank you for the help. I’m utterly grateful.

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