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  1. Wow! Its been very long since the last time I read a very engaging and thorough post as this that I just read. Seriously, I read this post purely out of curiosity because I thought it was just another scam but reading through the post, I discovered that it’s actually a lucrative platform that might actually generate serious cash. I also like that it is a proven and tested technique and if there’s proper consistency and hard work, then success is very much achievable. That’s great! Thanks for this poat

  2. I’ve heard about ClickBank before and the only thing that kept me going was the high cost of the platform. I wish I could one day use it Because it’s a very strong and useful tool. Thanks for the enlightening and well detailed article. I will have it bookmarked for the future.

  3. Hey nice article. I’ve promoted Clickbank products in the past and have great success with them. I love that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee as it gives potential customers a peace of mind that they have nothing to lose. The recurring monthly payments are my favorite products to promote since you get paid monthly over and over again. Great article and good breakdown for newbies that have no idea what Clickbank is.

  4. I have found that some reviews online are not totally true about the product and I have come across some negative write ups about click bank. This is great and I’m happy that as an affiliate marketer, one can earn good money off the digital products that are on the platform. I believe that the commissions are very good and one just needs to select the right product to promote. Great review here. Very engaging too. Best regards!

  5. This is really a very nice post. I have heard quite alot about scam site and reading through this post I was expecting to see another content of doubtful piece about this Clickbank, but surprisingly it was wrong in what I thought. I like the system approach to making money and just a push to being serious with it will bring the desired money anyone would want from this platform. Thanks for this information

  6. Thanks for writing on this. A friend of mine introduce clickbank to me years ago; Honestly speaking, ClickBank has never worked out for me for once. I’ve tried it several times with several products and traffic sources but the results weren’t satisfactory. I’m going to give it another try with your method, and I’m hopeful it will work for me.


  7. Thank you very much. This is one of the most thorough guides to ClickBank that I have found. That would be awesome to make a couple hundred dollars a day. I keep reading articles like yours and I’m beginning to make my own website and piece together how to do this.
    It sounds so possible on one level but also it takes a lot of focus. I like what you said about repeat exposure to the product. Also you never know where someone is in the buying cycle, maybe they had heard of it on a few different websites but they ended up on yours at the end of their buying cycle.

  8. Thank you for this useful article about making money on Clickbank. I have been promoting Clickbank products for some time now, and have been successful with some, and with some not. I must try some of your tactics to improve my affiliate marketing. 

    Do you buy the Clickbank products you promote or you do the research?

  9. Thanks for taking time to put this great and eye opening review together. There are a lot of scam platforms online presently and finding a. Reliable platform where one can invest time and money is a really serious issue. And this is why i must commend you for taking your time to research about clickbank. This is a very good looking platform that is promising and is efficient. The fact that its not new and has been tested and trusted is making a mark of consideration in my heart. Thanks for this great review.

  10. Hi 

    Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about Clickbank with us. In this review I have known much about the clickbank. Before reading your post I have no idea for clickbank. But after reading this great article I am very much sure that clickbank is an opportunity to reach at the zenith of success. By reading your post it is very clear to me that clickbank is a very strong platform to promote our earn and success. 

    Thanks again. Have a good day. I will definitely share this post with my friends and family. 

  11. Thank you for this wonderful article. I have heard about ClickBank recently. According to their website, they feel they’re in the top 100 retailers.But recently I found 2 disadvantage of Clickbank there are-they doesn’t pay new affiliates & they are a product is worthless. There are also many advantages also like a free startup, advanced reporting tools, low payment threshold, etc. Again thank for the informative & essential article, it will help me a lot in the future.

  12. Online is one of the most important ways to invest. Where people are investing thousands of money to invest. The proof is we are big online like Amazon, Alibaba, KFC, etc.
    Known as the market. Now the point is, how do they do it themselves? They are working hard and using technology and doing business honestly they never cheat and they raise their heads in the world so you too can be an online businessman if I can work hard and hard. Online will not make you an overnight big man here you have to work patiently so you can succeed. So you can choose to invest online.

  13. I am both a customer and an affiliate marketer for Clickbank and the products listed in their marketplace. The earnings of our fellow affiliates amaze me and wonder if it is possible for me to earn the same amount of money to change my life for the better. 

    But, I have this percentage of distrust because, in one of the blog posts that I’ve read online, it was revealed that some of the earnings screenshot being showed by marketers online, are just fabricated and fake. They said, there’s a software that can produce a desired amount you can use as a proof of earnings in Clickbank. 

    Being a trusted resource on this matter, I’d like to ask you, how true is that?

  14. I too have been marketing some of my websites products from Clickbank, but for some reason, I find that this is the hardest place to sell products off of. It might be due to the fact that not all the products are great, or maybe because they are not as well known as other platforms.

    The commissions here are great, probably owing to the fact that it is all digital products you are promoting, I just wish they were slightly easier to market.

    What do you feel is the easiest way to market these products?

  15. I know the excitement of the possibilities of making money from ClickBank. The hype has been so loud and the frustrations even louder. You have explained well on how ClickBank works and how to scale it up in simple terms.I believe it is a great platform for beginners as it  sounds very doable.

    Thank you for the step-by-step process of picking the right product to promote. Your hint on convincing the buyer to stick around and purchase is very welcomed. I have focused mainly on direct linking and I will now focus on more reviews. Thank you for a very insightful article.

  16. I’ve not had much confidence in click bank products since I read from several blogs that most of them don’t provide good value. Due to that going all out for product promotion on the platform has been a hurdle for me….I don’t want to waste my time on products that don’t deliver real value to my visitors. 

    So I haven’t had any success with click bank products but your article has given me a different perspective to look at things in a different lens. I hope to get someday with the platform. Thanks for the information……

  17. Thank yoiu for sharing this interesting, in depth and informative article, I have heard about clickbank before but I’ve never used it and I really could do with another outlet or rather affiliate platform, I am already an amazon affiliate or amazon associate as they like to put it, however now having read this post I will be signing up to clickbank too, thank you for sharing this interesting and helpful post. 

  18. Thank yoiu for sharing this interesting, in depth and informative article, I have heard about clickbank before but I’ve never used it and I really could do with another outlet or rather affiliate platform, I am already an amazon affiliate or amazon associate as they like to put it, however now having read this post I will be signing up to clickbank too, thank you for sharing this interesting and helpful post. 

  19. Thanks for this informative post, indeed the information in here is honestly overwhelming as I have been honestly looking for an exact  perfect formula just like this  to start making money with ClickBank. The truth is, every single option you have mentioned here can make money, all I need to do is take a bold step of faith and hardwork and I know it’s definitely going to pay off. Much appreciated.

  20. Clickbank is another entity that I have yet to try. Purely from other people reviews and also the fact that I am very new to online marketing. All your suggestions are all the legit way to make money through clickbank however, with all those trouble and time, you might as well invest your money in a good ppc campaign or even join and affiliate network and get traffic through that and also get some training. I belong to a platform called WA and they offer a review option to help with theor members traffic and get ranked higher on google’s page. 

  21. Understanding how a certain company works with rules and regulation is a responsibility of its members. So thank you for laying out everything about Clickbank so readers can fully make grasp of what to expect before joining. What I like about this is the high paying commission and it really piqued my interest to join. It’s disadvantages are honestly, almost the same disadvantage that other affiliate marketing companies have. I guess, you just have to be strategic in carrying out this platform. 

  22. Well I have a half decent blog up and running, and I now need to find ways to get some money back out of it – I’ve heard of Clickbank a number of times now, and I’ve also heard it’s pretty newbie-friendly!

    This guide has really opened my eyes up to the possibilities that this platform offers – do they have any qualifications you need to reach with your site before they let you promote their products?

  23. Quite an engaging review you created there. I’ve read about ClickBank a few times and what I saw from most reviews is that ClickBank works better for product owners versus affiliate marketers. Can you please shed some light into this? Ive also read a few posts about click funnels what is the relationship between these two? thank you.

  24. This was a good breakdown of ClickBank and I enjoyed reading through it. You were able to create a clear understanding of why people join affiliate marketing and some of the motivations for why some people continue with this service. You had a very honest breakdown of the pros and cons relating to ClickBank and it shows the reader that you aren’t just being a sales person. Once the reader has gone through this post, they will feel that they have been greatly informed and can make a reasonable decision based on your information. Good post!

  25. Your site is great, I have got a bunch of very useful information to use in my business and to scale my websites eventually to get more traffic and so on. Good review of Clickbank and ways to make money by Clickbank. I didn’t actually know its that cheap to start to sell your programs and products there, I would like to give a try but not before I have a decent and sustainable business or products to sell there. 

  26. Thank you for this review on Clickbank.  Its nice to hear that it isn’t a scam.  I appreciate the pointers you give but I did not fine them specific enough.  I’m still confused as to how Clickbank actually works but now I at least have an idea.  I’m not sure if the video you included was the right one as it didn’t mention Clickbank once although being touted as being you finding juicy merchandise to promote.  I might try this some day.

  27. What do you think makes Wealthy Affiliate such a big deal? Isn’t it like anything else and it is what you make of it?

    I have heard that they have great training and support but that doesn’t mean anything if you’re not willing to put in the time to make something work.

    I have been looking for something for several years and am not afraid to put in the hard work. Do you think Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal?

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