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  1. I have often thought about doing this.  I did not know about the criteria.  So do I need to start viewing anybody’s videos to get the 4000 viewing hours in?  Then how do you get 1000 subscribers, that in itself seems daunting?  Maybe FB friends, etc?  I would really like to do this.  I have a travel site, so having the beach videos would be a great way I think to maybe make an extra income right?

    • Yes, incorporate videos with your existing blog will surely increase your earning. If you have challenge on YouTube view and subscribers, inbox me and I will definitely help you start with good shape.

  2. What an excellent site based on how to make money on YouTube in so many different ways that I didn’t know were possible. From reading your article it seems that creating an interesting video in a niche that you have researched properly is the way to go. Working on producing quality videos will eventually get you over the 1,000 subscribers mark and make you eligible to participate in the Adsense program. Thanks for giving me some ideas for my own YouTube channel, how many subscribers do you have?

    all the best


    • Nice one. To earn from a YouTube you need to upload quality video or take the service of freelancer on fiverr, freelancer and other mean. If you have quality video definitely you have people watching it

  3. Wow!  This post can be equated to raw diamonds.  It’s just simply rich in informations that can give financial independence.  The only things I know of majorly from all options stated above are affiliate marketing and YouTube Adsense.  Though I never knew the Adsense could be this much lucrative because I never really gave it a second deep thought. I only read about it but I’m into YouTube for affiliate marketing purpose and I’m still trying to groom my subscribers base.  This surely is very handy to me.  Thanks

    • Thanks for this grewrrecommendation , I can help you grow your subscriber, you can reply to this comment and I will happy to help you grow your channel

  4. Something I need to add to my own repertoire is to actually get started on my YouTube channel. It’s another thing I created last year but haven’t gotten to yet. What with an urban fantasy series plus three blogs, I have a few things on the backburner. Youtube here, and as I stated in another comment, Fiverr. I can only do so much at a time, but I’ve seen so many YouTube success stories in their respective niches. It’s something I’m looking forward to getting up and running. 

    • The earlier the better . Though every online business required unique skill so before you can mark your name with YouTube , there are special skill you mush possess , go back to the post which explain every things to you

  5. First of all this is a pretty informative Article with good Tips to make money on Youtube. It is clear to see that you have some experience when it comes to Youtube and Monetizing, knowing all these different Tools and Ways to make some Bucks on the platform. Only thing I would like is if the pictures you made were bigger because it’s hard to see what’s in them! Apart from that, good read!

  6. Hey, thank you for the detailed information on YouTube. You outlined who qualified to join and how one can do so. And what is more how one can monetize his work. Presently, I am not a vlogger but hope to take my online business to that level in the near future. I will certainly bookmark this article for reference. I appreciate this article very much. Thanks

    • Thank you but the earlier the better you start venture into it because pays a lot.IInitially you done a great job after some times it become passive income 

  7. A very informative and detailed article on how to make money with YouTube and l have bookmarked this post for my future reference. 

    For your information, l have just created my YouTube account for my MMO niche and my idea is to produce product reviews videos by placing affiliate links in the description section, but many affiliate marketers complained that their accounts suspended due to violation of YouTube rules and regulations. 

    Is that true we can’t place any affiliate links in the YouTube Description section, your advice is much appreciated?

    Thank you.

    • Thank you for the question. Youtube can not disable your account for mere adding your affiliate link into the description or inside your video but what YouTube hate most is to download someone’s video and you reupload it to your channel that is where YouTube can penalized you.

  8. You tube AdSense became known to me about three weeks ago. With all my efforts in trying to venture into it, their laid down rules disqualified me. I have not be very active on YouTube and I haven’t attain their required subscriber rate. I have collegues who has made it big with YouTube AdSense. In order to monetized my YouTube account, I have to increase my engagement and traffic rate. 

    Youtube has been bringing cool money to some celebrities especially machinations. Thanks for this great review. It is full of very important information which I would love to venture into.

    • Great to hear your view about YouTube. If you have challenged on getting subscribers , I can give you 1000 subscribers free, just reply me to this channel

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