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How To Promote ClickBank Products

Clickbank is one of the world’s greatest and most famous affiliate networks. So, if you are searching for an affiliate network which presents a exact range of merchandise (digital as well as physical), rather high commissions, an easy-to-use system, and excellent support, then Clickbank comes out as an best choice.
There are various affiliates who are incomes 5-6 figures commissions in a month the usage of this platform.
So, its advantages are huge.
If you too favor to earn excessive commissions thruough this platform, you simply have to be aware of how to promote Clickbank Products.
Here, we list out different strategies to promote Clickbank merchandise so that you can additionally take advantage of this effective affiliate network.

Clickbank can truely make you wealthy if you recognize how to Promote Clickbank Products.
However, before we cross to list out the strategies for advertising Clickbank Products, here’s a short overview of Clickbank and its benefits to help amateur affiliate marketers.


What is Clickbank?
Clickbank used to be centered in 1998. It is an affiliate advertising community which connects merchandise dealers (also known as advertisers, merchants, vendors, product owners) with affiliates (also acknowledged as publishers). It is based totally in the United States. Over the years, it has end up one of the most famous affiliates advertising and marketing networks in the world.
Clickbank functions as a marketplace and bridges the gap between product retailers and affiliates. It gives the opportunity to product proprietors to sell a variety of digital products and bodily products. Product owners can promote digital merchandise such as laptop software and EBooks, as well as bodily merchandise such as health products, meals supplements, etc.
So, Clickbank acts as an positive platform on which product proprietors can advertise their products. Affiliates can choose products on Clickbank which they want to promote and can earn best commissions accessible on the Web.
Getting commenced on Clickbank is easy. You just have to fill in some fundamental records on Clickbank Sign up Form such as tackle and contact information. There are no preapprovals hassles.


It allows clearly every body to signal up and begin promoting. It is wonderful for beginner affiliate entrepreneurs who do not have any programs or websites that they promoted. Moreover, it lets in affiliates from over a hundred and fifty countries for promoting the use of its affiliate marketing network.
Clickbank provides heaps of products. Most of its merchandise are of excessive quality, however you should take a proper appear at the marketplace to locate out the nice products that you can promote. You must check the ‘Gravity score’ of a product. It is in truth a calculation that points out how many associates have made a sale in this product. You purpose for a gravity score of at least 30.

Besides gravity, there are a range of other information that are additionally proven for every product that is listed on Clickbank.
These are: $/sale: it is the common quantity that an affiliate can earn from each sale of the product.
%/sale: Commission rate Other data encompass figures such as Future $, Total $/sale, percent ref, etc. All these figures provide you a snapshot of the products.
Clickbank affords two kinds of affiliate links:
Standard Affiliate Link which is additionally regarded as HopLink AndE ncrypted HopLink
Standard HopLink has the format
The Encrypted HopLink hides the affiliate identification and the supplier id.
Commissions are pretty excessive on Clickbank. It tiers anywhere from 10% to 75%. Many are over 50% which skill you are immensely rewarded for your efforts. It will pay commissions every two weeks. Moreover, you can set the fee threshold which can be as low as $10.
All in all, Clickbank is a moneymaking and effortless to use affiliate community with convenient signup and right support.


Benefits of using Clickbank Affiliate Network
To begin with, it does no longer price you a thing to signal up on Clickbank. Registration is free and there are no hidden charges, as well.
Secondly, Clickbank is very efficient in paying its affiliates. So, you do now not have to concern about receiving your payments.
Thirdly, you have the freedom to select what products you choose to sell.
Fourthly, Clickbank provides a high fee rate. It is commonly from 10% to 75%.
Fifthly, it gives a wide range of products, both digital and physical. New products are being brought on a normal basis.
Once you are via with the sign-up process, you can choose a product and start selling it on your website or otherwise.
Ways to Promote Clickbank Products
Here, we listing out the approaches for promoting Clickbank products. Some of the methods require having your website. However, at this juncture, we reiterate the significance of pre-selling. People don’t just like to be thrown to sales pages besides any legitimate purpose for buying that product so, pre-selling is HUGE.
It goes on to establish the trust, a lot wished to close a sale. So, construct up to your sale. You would see that you are getting rewarded for your efforts as extra and more choose for your product when they see price in it.
Here, it is essential to recognize that you actually can promote Clickbank products both via direct advertising or by means of developing a sales funnel.
Well, both of these methods have their obvious benefits, however on a lengthy time period the method of growing sales, funnel will pay you more.
Why? When you create the income funnel, you go out for building a relationship with your customer. You offer them free eBooks, software, route material, tips, resources. In return, you just ask for their email.
If the consumer gives you the email, he or she is satisfied about your imparting and see a price in your offering. Then you can go about presenting him useful sources associated to your niche. Finally, you can embed your affiliate hyperlink in one of your communications. Here, you have to take note that you should promote Clickbank products that are related to your area of interest and competently serves your users’ interests.
As your users price your advice, they are in all likelihood to buy your affiliate products. Plus, it is no longer a onetime sale. You have the email tackle of your customers and so can be in constant touch with them imparting introduced price thru eBooks, tips, free offerings, and services.
If you have any different product, you can promote them, as well. So, the purchaser stays with you and does no longer depart you in case a sale is made or not. If he is not comfy with one product, it is likely that he or she gets convinced for some other product that you are promotion and goes on to buy it. However, the products have to be associated to the area of interest you are serving to your users.


Plus, there is every possibility that the possibilities list (or email list) continues on growing. New customers like your provide that serves their interests. They grant you their electronic mail tackle and you go on to advance your income funnel. It helps to construct a long lasting relationship with your users. You get to comprehend your customers and their interests and then pick out the product that fantastic fits their interests.
So, it creates a Win-Win Scenario for you as properly as for your users.
However, the final call is yours whether you would immediately promote Clickbank merchandise or go on to create a income funnel and build a long lasting asset for your business.
It is a simple but advantageous tactic for promotion Clickbank products. However, it requires you to have your website. Herein, you have to find an article on your internet site that is related to the Clickbank product that you favor to promote. You have to paste the banner advert on the sidebar or in the middle of the article besides resorting to any form of pre-selling.
As the site visitors is quite associated to the offer, you could see some conversions coming your way. The banner advert holds the affiliate link. When a vacationer clicks on the banner, he is lead to the advertiser’s internet site or to a touchdown web page the place he gets more data about the product. When a sale is made, it is registered in your name.


If you do not have any related content on your website, you can opt for shopping for banner commercials area on different websites that belong to the same niche. You can choose the web sites which have high site visitors volume and show your banner ads about Clickbank products on such websites. So, for your banner ad, you are getting traffic from specific websites that are associated to the product that you have chosen on Clickbank.
Article Marketing
In Article Marketing you paste In-content links without delay in the text and come as guidelines from the creator of the post. If you have constructed up an authoritative blog, probabilities are especially excessive that site visitors will click on the affiliate hyperlink in your post. It is only because humans consider what you say as you have built the have confidence stage with your audience.
However, the in-content hyperlinks are now not very distinguished and are noticed via solely the attentive readers.
It requires you to have a weblog or website with a giant wide variety of site visitors so that the conversion price is high. You can write product critiques or related matters on your website. Reviews visitors is extraordinarily centered and people visiting your put up have a very high chance to purchase your Clickbank products. You can even contact with other bloggers and write guest posts centered on the merchandise and paste in-content links within your post.


Use Facebook
You would be loopy not to use Facebook for promotion Clickbank products. One of the easiest approaches of merchandising Clickbank merchandise on Facebook is by using writing product overview fashion articles. Publish your evaluate articles on the Facebook note. The articles must have captivating headlines.
You have to leverage the Facebook platform and enlarge your social circle on a day by day basis.
You should promote the product on Facebook via your Facebook groups. You can join businesses such as for online advertising or product class that you prefer to promote. You can submit your
HopLink for the Clickbank merchandise on the Facebook Page of your website. You can even motel to paid advertising on Facebook for merchandising your chosen products.
Use Pinterest
Pinterest allows you to pin merchandise from affiliate networks such as Clickbank. You have to use your affiliate hyperlink for every of your pins. When humans comply with the link to the unique website and make a purchase, you are seen as a referrer and earn the sale commission every time a sale is made.
You have to come up with interesting pins that entice the attention of visitors. You can even post evaluate articles about merchandise and paste affiliate hyperlink in the post.


Email Marketing
The biggest advantage of Email Marketing is that you can take your time to persuade them to buy the product. Plus, you have their contact small print so you don’t lose them and can expose them to the offer again. However, you should now not be aggressive in your sales pitch. There need to be a pre-selling aspect when you pitch the products to your prospects.
So, you must let them recognize why they need the product and how the product can be beneficial to them. You let them comprehend the unique features and benefits of using the product. It preferably be a series of emails to the potentialities main to the sale. In the ultimate email, you ought to connect the affiliate hyperlink of the product that you prefer them to buy. So, the whole process must now not look as a blunt sales effort and have to now not come out as spam.
Participate in Forums
You ought to be a part of and actively participate in Forums that are associated to Clickbank products. Forums show a powerful channel when it comes to establishing you as an expert. So, you have to join in discussions and regularly put up your hints and reviews. It goes to set up your credibility with other forum members.
It is your trustworthiness and expertise that will persuade different discussion board participants and instigate them to buy products counseled via you. To make things less complicated for you, you must use your affiliate hyperlink as a signature when you sign off on these forums and message boards.
Use Craigslist to Promote Clickbank Products
Promoting Clickbank Products on Craigslist is easy, superb and rewarding. Craigslist is one of the oldest categorised advertisements website. It has sections committed to jobs, services, housing, community, personals, goods, advice, for sale, items wanted, dialogue forums, and just about anything.


Promoting Clickbank products on Craigslist includes getting the affiliate hyperlink and posting a classified advert on Craigslist. However, you need to supply correct records and particular details about the affiliate products. You have to truly tell the user how the merchandise can gain them. It will generate greater sales and your ads would now not be flagged for false information.

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    • Though free promotion is good but it always slow to bring result but paid ones can speed your earning systematically like facebook ads, and other PLC ad networks

  2. I’m a newbie in affiliate marketing and just beginning to promote Clickbank products. I haven’t tried with Facebook Group like you suggested above, but will try soon. I also heard some people use Facebook ads to promote it. Is it permissible? Also, thanks for the Pinterest idea. I have a Pinterest account but not very active. This is a good time to use it. Thanks 

    • Facebook ads is one of the best way to sell clickbank products because facebook will allow audience that will be prospective customer to your offer. though facebook ads is not cost effective if you are not know how to optimize your ads

  3. I’m really grateful that I came across this post on how to promote clickbank products. I’m a newbie affiliate and I know the basics of being an affiliate through books and theories and not through practical means. Still considering how to plunge into promoting products for the companies that I’m an affiliate to and luckily for me, clickbank is among. Thanks so much for sharing this excellent tips. I need to start using them ASAP. Very nice content

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    Thank you for the tip to aim for a gravity score of at least 30, like that you know it is a popular product which sells well.

    On my websites I have Amazon and I wonder if it is compatible with Clickbank products?

    Regards, Taetske

    • Yes , you can mix amazon with Clickbank in the same niches. So the way you will apply your link is best known to you

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