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  1. Hi… thoughtyour review had some interesting points. I too tried Affilorama and didn’t like the constant up-marketing and to me it felt like harrassment to buy. It could have been just me.

    I liked the fact that you mentioned that  the free option of Wealthy Affiliate was a teaser…I sort of agree. The free module gives you a trial. But the meat is in the whole training which is genuine and really does train you! I think it is worth the money!

    I also like the couple of sneek pics of Vegas…lol. But I have to agree it is an honest program for development of your and your own business and that came across in your post.

    • Thank you so much that we are on the same part on the philosophy of wealthy affiliate, one need to put more extral work for it to work perfectly.

  2. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about a month now and I can easily say that it has changed my life. Mostly my mindset. I have become obsessed with affiliate marketing. 

    I have not encountered a more helpful community than this one on the internet. Unfortunately, there are people who promote wealthy affiliate just for the money, but it seems to me that you are honest in your review. Good post btw.

    • Thank you to see  wealthy affilite beyond money making system but to help people who has no tools to make affiliate marketing working in their favour. Any my review depicted every aspect of wealthy affiliate

  3. This was a very forthright and honest evaluation of the Wealthy Affiliate platform and it obviously has been good for you and your online business. The $40,000 is not a bad figure from one affiliate program I dare say, and congratulations on achieving that super-affiliate status.

    I also liked that you have actually tried some of the main competitors to Wealthy Affiliate so you can talk about them objectively. I see a lot of that review stuff out there where the writer is obviously slanting their content to push people in whatever direction they have an affiliate link with.

    There is a way to bring up a suggested or recommended program without being too obvious and I like to use the points of differences angle. I do not put down the competitor, rather I point out where the program I recommend is different in ways that will benefit the buyer or user. 

    All in all, this was a thorough look at the Wealthy Affiliate platform from a perspective of someone that has been around the affiliate marketing block. It was a refreshing viewpoint and I enjoyed looking through this. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a darn good one, I have to agree!

    • Thank you for muchrrecommendation. When you benefits from a program like wealthy affiliate, you need to share it to the whole world. Wealthy affiliate has been the part of my daily activities because I make lot of money at wealthy affiliate.

  4. Thanks a lot for the thorough & comprehensive review post and you left no stone up-turned in explaining all details.

    Since 2008 I was trying to make money online and I tried many programs and products, lost nearly $4000. To name a few… Captcha typing, paid to click, email reading, ad posting, data entry, transcription, surveys, tele calling etc., the list goes on. Nothing helped me to achieve my dream. My dream is to work from home and be my own boss.

    On September 2016 I came across Wealthy Affiliate and because of my past bad experiences I did my research for nearly one month. And finally decided to join WA on November 2016 but I was skeptical and afraid.

    To Cut the long story short…

    I am still a WA member, since December 2017 I am a full-time Affiliate Marketer and Blogger working from home. WA training works and based on my experience its the best training platform to learn about making money online.

    Much Success!


    • Thank you so much to bear me witness that wealthy affiliatehhelp an experienced and newbie with blogging and affiliate marketing

  5. Hi
    I read your post. Amd i want to say you that, i’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliat for about a week now. At the first time i didn’t understand very well about your post. But i try again to know about the topic. And I like that you don’t pormote Wealthy Affiliat for money. Nice man. I really like you post.I also share this post with my freinds and family members.

    • Great. With the philosophy I have about wealthy affiliate is just about helping people to start earn money from online but for you to make money should not be priority, if you build brand on internet and people find you that you are helping them then money will follow.

  6. big post; I am just 4 months on WA after 5 years of searches; I agree with what you said; indeed WA has made me understand affiliate marketing; and community help is invaluable; although I live in a relatively poor country, I can say we get much more than paying

    • Nice one, wealthy affiliate has been a sources of inspiration to me and anyone who is ready to learn affiliate marketing

  7. I am a member of wealthy affiliate and I agree with what you said about the platform focusing more on amateur and intermediate affiliates and not on expert affiliates. I am guessing that is the general idea behind the platform but I think expert affiliates also have to be prioritized and if experts cannot gain much knowledge from the platform then they should be told this as soon as or before they become members so they know what they are getting into.

    That is my opinion concerning the issue of wealthy affiliate not been a platform for experienced affiliates.

    • We are share the same philosophy, wealthy affiliate is not quick rich system but with time, the Mooney will flowing like river. Just click the link in the article to join wealthy affiliate and start the life of digital life

  8. Very good topic. It is a different style of writing the review. It is good that you point out that Wealthy Affiliate is not something that you earn fast money on.

    I have tried to do the same on my Wealthy Affiliate review. Its no point to get people to opt in because they think it is something that they can earn fast money on, and then they opt out again when it hasn’t worked after 1 month.   

    • Yes the money will surely comes around 4 to 5 months which will be flowing and non stop again. All in all wealthy affiliate is an answer to the people willing to learn affiliate marketing

  9. hello

    I know wealthy affiliate in 2018, and i became a premium member in few month ago, i totally agree with what you said in this article, WA is a big community that everybody always willing to help each other just like a big family, and the training system is really excellent for sure, during this time I’ve learned a lots, and I’m glad i have a chance to read your review of WA, its really nice, well done!

    • Thank you. This wealthy affiliate is simply the best for any training on affiliate marketing. If someone has never make money using affiliate marketing before, I assured you that wealthy affiliate is the best answer for you

  10. Hi a very thoughtful and insightful review into Affiliate Marketing and the Wealthy Affiliate platform. 

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over 10  months now and it has changed my life forever In a good way. 

    My mindset has changed from going through the motions in life, to one of drive,determination and motivation. Once you start with Wealthy Affiliate you soon realise the potential and that you are building a business from the ground up through your own work and efforts. The rewards though this and working online are unlimited.

    They offer the best training anywhere online, help 24/7 and the best thing is the community working within Wealthy Affiliate who will support,guide and motivate you throughout your journey working online. 

    Don’t just take my word for it. Click on one of the links in this article and change your life forever. Remember it’s free to start.

    Good luck to you 

    • Yes, life in wealthy affiliate is sweet than all fake promises out there. Wealthy affiliate has change the totality of my life. I am living testimony , wealthy affiliate is simply the best

  11. Wow that’s a healthy number for earnings my friend! I’m a WA member too and have been so for 5 years now, I can definitely vouch that it’s the number one Online Business platform you’ll find on the web. I’m in love with all their evergreen lessons, their keyword tool, the warm friendly community, that super fast web hosting and web support.

    WA takes care of all the complex technicalities so that we can write what we love and start earning from our passion, highly recommended for those serious in building a second online stream!

    • Owwww great that you said you have been with wealthy affiliate for past 5 years. All I can inferred from your experience with wealthy affiliate willbbe insurmountable. I will like you to screenshot your earning well to me.Thank you so much

  12. Great post, I appreciate your honesty here. Ultimately Wealthy Affiliate is what you make of it. It definitely requires time, patience and effort and you are not going to get rich overnight. I appreciate further your disclosing that you are a Wealthy Affiliate and get a commission on any successful link follow-throughs and I think your readers do as well. I agree that premium is the way to go and I encourage all of your readers to follow your links and check it out! Great post, well done 🙂

    • Wealthy affiliate is not get quick  rich but with systematically and patient I must surprised you with wealthy affiliate. At least I give time lag of 3 to 4 months before you can see increase in your income

  13. Wealthy affiliate has been an amazing platform among affiliate marketing platform I have ever known. My first 7days experience in the platform triggered my interest in going premium with wealthy affiliate platform. And my experience with them so far is fun-filled and engaging. Although, they appear to have different important packages for the amateur members but the long term members are benefitting in a big way from the platform. The only things that can make it more amazing depends on the seal of its user. It depend on how active they are and how they are ready to learn new things. Just like many people in this platform, my first few months was not very productive because of many reasons. But, it can’t continue like this. I have to get things done that is why this review will go along way in bringing back my seal and build myself up for future goodies. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you this rich recommendation. Sincerely speaking wealthy affiliate is a community that are ready to help both newbie and experienced affiliate marketers.it has helped many people to make money online.

  14. Wealthy affiliate is the place to be for every affiliate marketer. It gives the opportunity to learn about creating an online business and monetizing it with wealthy affiliate. 

    I have been a member for sometime now and I enjoy the training and the amazing community support that you get. In wealthy affiliate, we support each other, helping every member to succeed.

    So, people, you are welcome to join us.

    Thanks for sharing about this great opportunity.

    • Thank you to agreed with me that wealthy affiliate is a ground where money can be made and the best community in the whole world that help the newbie to make money onl

  15. Hey there!

    Nice to see your article. It’s really an informative article. I’m also a member of WA(Wealthy Affiliate). And I love to work here. Everyone is like family and everyone is ready to help you with any problem. I started work here 2 months ago. And it’s the best platform for making money. 

    I’m don’t build up a website here. It’s also important on WA. With page, you can also make money. If anyone wanna making money from online I’m gonna suggest you for the WA(Wealthy Affiliate) platform. What do you think about it? What’s your experience in WA?? 

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Wealthy affiliate training is based on how to make money online , without taken a pause join us as well on wealthy affiliate and start to enjoy the cool wind in wealthy affiliate

  16. What you have said in this Wealthy Affiliate review is true. Honestly, this is the best platform l have ever join although l started my affiliate marketing journey with Affilorama and it not too bad except the membership fee is too expensive. As l know, they have upgraded most of their training and also sunset the AffiloBlueprint product.

    But l can attest that  Affilorama is nowhere near Wealthy Affiliate in term features (training, essential tools, and tools) and also the huge friendly community. The cost of hosting your website and subscribing to a keyword research tool from third-party vendors is far more than the monthly fees charged by Wealthy Affiliate.

    If you are serious about starting an online business, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the platform to go. 

    Thank you.

    • Nice one , I have been to wealthy affiliate and it has make to to live a digital lifestyle , I am waiting for new member to join wealthy affiliate and live addigital life together, just click the link in the article post and let us smell inmmoney inside wealthy affiliate

  17. Lonnie Webster

    I appreciated one statement you made about WA, you said Everything is in one place.With WA it’s not necessary to go here and there to be educated on different aspects of affiliate training, it’s all in one place, I can say that because I am a premium member of WA. If the shoe fits you can wear it, so, I don’t think you are Bias, I think you are convinced like so many others ( as far as affiliate marketing is concerned ) that WA is the best platform for anyone wishing to achieve “their” financial goals.Thank you for your post!

    • Yes wealthy affiliate is simply the best among many platform currently available online because you learn new things day by day and the funniest is that it does not attract any chargetthat is where wealthy affiliate take all the points as against other network

  18. This is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate – great set up of the text and integration of videos for examples. The only video I watched was the first one and I liked how it was said that there are so many reviews of WA on how it’s a scam or how it works wonders because that’s what I went through too. I personally believe that it works based on the reviews that I’ve seen before and after joining the program. The training takes a lot of time and effort but it is so thorough and I’m so glad that it goes through everything step by step because, without it, I don’t know where I would be right now. 

    Thank you for putting out your opinion on WA not just to inform others about the program but to also encourage those who are already a part of the community!

    • Though some people will painted wealthy affiliate as a quick way of making money I reject the philosophy, though there is a lot of money in wealthy affiliate but its in process, like now I have made over $100,000 in wealthy affiliate which a grate commission but it take me 4 months to start seem money come in. Thank for appreciate my job

  19. This is very informative for anyone looking to start an online business in affiliate marketing. I too have tried other companies before I decided to go ahead with wealthy affiliate. The training is second to non in my opinion. The detail you added of other successful people is good encouragement and looks more genuine than other businesses that promote their training and success.

    • Thanks , this has been my success so far I urge people across the who is will to make money to click the link inside the article to join and let us make money all together

  20. Hi,

    Thank you for your detailed and honest review about Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been looking for a long time to find a place where I can build a website and at the same time to learn how to open an online business. This platform seems o be what I need. 

    You mention in your review that you can sign up for free and also you can start building your website for free. That sounds fantastic. But I have a few questions. For how long you have the free option? After the premium membership, if I want to sign out, I will have my money back?

    Thank you 

    • The free membership is for life but you will be limited to certain area but to make things smooth then you need be premium member then you will power to host 50 websites free and have access to all the training and also with community health and the best of all you receive a live chat with the co owners

  21. This is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate and its good to see that you have covered so much of what it offers. I’ve been thinking about joining for a while now – mainly because a friend of mine is such a big fan of it and tells me how great it is.

    I have one big question which concerns the hosting you get with the membership. I have 8 sites at the minute and they each have a lot of content on them. How easy is it to transfer my sites to WA and how secure is the process because I really dont want to lose my data.

    • Owww grate, it is very simple as ABC, just go back to your WordPress dashboard, click tools, a drop down will show up and you can export your data to a file though it can not be readable because it will be inform of JavaScript. After you completed you site building on wealthy affiliate then go back to the tools again click it a drop down will pop up and this time you import it to your new WordPress. That is all.

  22. Its always great to read from a super affiliate marketer because one is sure to be well learned from depth knowledge. I joined wealthy Affiliate in less than two months now and I can say the support has been my major reason for resubscribing. The platform is just super awesome for rookies like me. Now, I have entrust all my efforts into it and I hope I will be able to achieve enough success too. Its great to know that your review is not only profit driven. Thanks for the full insight

    • You have take the giant step by joining wealthy affiliate though in beginning it might be so tasky with lot of training and if you will be able to complete the training you are endow to start make money. This is is the bestoopportunity out there for now

  23. A thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate.  How has your time at WA been?  They certainly seem to have every part of affiliate marketing covered.  Plus all the backend stuff sounds pretty great as well as a very good community.  

    Do you think the Wealthy Affiliate training is going to work for you?  It certainly sounds like you are having a great deal of success with it.  Thanks for providing this information.

    • Wealthy affiliate has work perfectly for me because as you can see in the post above I have break record of earning $5000 every monthwwhich is good for me and I make it to lass Vegas every year to make a candidate of wealthy affiliate which represent them at las vagas

  24. That’s an awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate. You have covered all key points about the platform in greater detail. Many of my doubts get cleared after reading your review. 

    Your analysis is in depth, well detailed and commendable. Videos and images used by you are very informative to learn about this platform, especially the Vegas experience! 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful review of Wealthy Affiliate Platform. 

    • Thank you for this great recommendation. I Mae this review to encourage newbie and struggled minded to come up to join wealthy affiliate and let us live a digital lifestyle all together.

  25.  I enjoyed reading your WA story and your thoughts on the site, This was a great topic. Its interesting and relatable. Your knowledge base on WA and their program is outstanding.  I think its also important that people understand this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. This is a real job that takes time and dedication. You talked about all the great things WA as to offer, and based on your review page, I’d definitely be interested in checking them out if I read your review and was an outsider.  Great job



    • Welcome luci, my wealth experience in wealthy affiliate give the power to exploited 90% of what wealthy affiliate have to offer. My earning history will give more lower that if you can done wealthy affiliate as the all training direct you, you will achieve more

  26. I’ve read your whole article that seems to be a bit overwhelmed and hard to read. But any honor that you can write such articles.
    I am a premium member in WA for 8 months now and I have not earned a cent. I’ve learned enough but cannot earn money and related to it I would like to comment on the mentorship. The person who took me to WA was never helpful to me and if I would approach WA today I would have acted differently. The current mentor would be free from all obligations right now. I’m very sorry that this is not possible.

    • Please reply to this comment again, I will guide you till you make $1000 everyday . By the way , do you have website onhhosted on wealthy affiliate? Do you updates you content regularly? These are the question onenneed to ask,bbut am definitely know that you are not done well with assigned traning

  27. Emmanuel Buysse

    I joined wealthy affiliate quite a while ago and all I can say is this: it is the best platform you can find for courses, to train, the community, and the owners. Without or, I would have been blind, and my business was never good like it is now. So my advice to you is: join it, or else you will regret it. Thanks for sharing it with us! 

    • This is not compulsory but wealthy affiliate is the short cut to success online . I have tasted it and it work perfect for me even its going to work for newbie as well, just go back to the article and click join wealthy affiliate.

  28. Judy Kingsberry

    I am impressed!!  You have a boatful of useful information and it is all exciting.  Specifically. I feel like your site is honest in its fresh list of what is so unusual about this site.  At first, the title grabbed me, but just under the Pages, I noticed a small red sign about Broadcasting News.  And sure enough, it had the one sentence news line to temp us to examine from curiosity.

    But, that was just the beginning.  I decided to find out who the clever person had to say.  And I did.  He said A LOT by all the clickable tables of interest you can imagine.  (Really, throughout the website.  But, I took notice of your determination or should I say Goal which is such an overused word, although correct in its definition.

    And this determination?  “to have readers easily identify the working system and methods to make money online.”  I believe you have done that by having so many subjects to learn about.  Even small advertisements were examples of making money online.  

    Here are some honest and surprising at times specific statements to draw us to go to Wealth Affiliate or know the insiders’ truth: Best Web Hosting; Guide to Email Marketing; and this one particularly interesting, about getting your website on number one on Google.  I have to go back when I have more time to read.  That is a compliment. 

    So, what is next on my agenda after the Google first page interest is the one listed in the categories, Video Marketing.

    Much success!

    • Thank you for the feedback, I love to inspire my readers and make sure that they learn new thing from reading my post. Thank you for the grate recommendation

  29. This is a really great review of Wealthy Affiliate.  Actually your review is unique in that you sound like you were happy with Solo Build It.  I’ve never used that platform,so I don’t know how it compares.   Yet, as a long term (two years) member of Wealthy Affiliate, I agree with what you have said.   I love reading about the success stories like the ones that you shared.    Those people have all focused on their affiliate marketing websites more than I have.   

    For better or worse, I used my websites almost like a hobby.  So, if you treat affiliate marketing like a hobby, you make a hobby level of income.  Not much.   

    I also agree with your comments warning people that if they are have major financial challenges, they may want to find a part time job to get some money in fast.  Affiliate marketing, just like any other small business, takes a while to generate a profit.  

  30. Success Business Online

    This is really a very comprehensive review on wealthy affiliate and your journey through it as a member.

    As a new wealthy affiliate member, I was impressed at the structure of the membership side.  Before that I bought so many products online which proved to be of low quality.  It was really difficult to find an all rounded program that covers you on all aspects.

    But I agree with you that if you are an advanced marketer, you may find wealthy affiliate to be lacking at times.  But on the whole, WA has proved to be a great program nevertheless.

  31. I’ve been trying to find a course to teach me how to make money online for a while now but all I have mostly come across low-quality, junk courses which were trying to trick me into buying them.

    Wealthy Affiliate has a good vibe about it and since it’s free to join I’ll give it a try.

    BTW, your video’s audio is pretty bad and I couldn’t understand half of what you were saying 😛

  32. Hi, Sunday.
    Thanks for the detailed review on Wealthy Affiliate 2019.
    I have been the proud Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate from last one year and I can say that whatever you explained about this platform is very much correct. It happens to be the best learning University as per my view as I have gone through a lot of programs which proved as a scam at the end.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  33. Well thorough for the review. I’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate several times and finally decided to join as free member. Now I’m still learning to build my first website. So far the experience with the first online course is good and the members are quite helpful. I haven’t decided to upgrade to premium yet. Is there any specific benefit that I can get as premium member here compared to other platform, like udemy? Thank you

    • owww great , i have itemised all the benefits of wealthy affiliate in this post , go back and read them all . I have attached the payment evidence as well to tell you that they are very legit . Also, i have compare wealthy affiliate to many online business which i think i done justice to. So i will advice you to get back to the post to understand the secret of wealthy affiliate in detail

  34. Happy Eating RD

    Hi there!

    This is a great, thorough review of WA. I like that you keep updating it as you progress, it’s very real and shows people what’s to come if you stick to something.

    I am a very new member of WA, and I agree that the starter membership is only a teaser and that real results will only come from joining the Premium membership. But, joining has been more than worth it, I am overwhelmed by the support of this community. 

    I am also very happy with my progress so far, and can see this becoming a great side income for me. Mostly it involves consistency and hard work. The trip to Vegas looks amazing, I’m glad you had fun there!

    Good luck in reaching your goals for 2019.


  35. Wow, it’s a quite long review! I would appreciate your effort here.

    I’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate before and now, I’m a member of this amazing platform.

    I agree with those amazing features in this platform.

    It really works! I doubted when I first heard about this platform.

    What if I lose my money?

    What if I fail?

    But as it is said in this article, you don’t have to worry about failure.

    At first, it doesn’t cost too much. Also, you can start your website from Free-Starter Membership.

    It’s awesome! I also started as a starter member and I was moved with the amazing training course and the power of community.

    If you read this comment and still are hesitating to register Wealthy Affiliate, Don’t be silly.

    You won’t regret it 🙂

  36. Wealthy Affiliate has so many great benefits. You covered everything there is to know above about Wealthy Affiliate and what it has to offer. 

    I’ve only been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for almost 2 months now, and my business is still busy growing, but it’s promising. It takes hard work to build your business at Wealthy Affiliate, but it’s worth it. While my website is busy growing, I am busy making money on the WA platform. So I would recommend this to anyone wanting to make honest money online.

    Thank you for covering this topic and all the best.

  37. That was such a thorough, in- depth and quite a convincing wealthy affiliate review, it was very informative and it came across as being open and honest, I also like your style of writing, it’s well laid out and easy to read, i must also agree with you about the wealthy affiliate free option as being a teaser, it is free and it is genuine, but I think when you’re told about all the benefits of updating to premium, the temptation is too great, even for those who are at first with happy with the benefits of the free option, thank you for sharing this post, I enjoyed reading it.


  38. I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and I can say that so far so good. I am making progress slowly each day and every day is better than the previous day. 

    You honesty alone in this entire review is admirable. This gives me hope that the Program I am involved in is legit.And thank you for presenting us with testimonies from other successful members. I’ve learnt that taking all the steps inside the premium membership area will lead me to the desired financial freedom

    I agree with you. Wealthy Affiliate is the IT.

    Thank you for taking your time to give us this comprehensive review.

  39. Thank you for the information on the benefits and pitfalls of joining the Wealthy Affiliate program. It helps me understand what I might get out of the program and whether Wealthy Affiliate suits my personality.

    As I think about what I should be doing in the next phase of my life, I need to feel as if there is a way to combine future desires, such as travel, with a means of paying for this lifestyle without being forced to go to an office or a factory every day.

    As an artist, I like the idea of traveling for inspiration. Perhaps Wealthy Affiliate will give me all the tools I need to blog about my interests and experiences and still be able to enjoy a nomadic existence and be creative all at the same time.

    I seem to get the feeling that this is a community that I can reach out to as I delve into all the ins and outs of building websites, figuring out how to monetize my blogs and enjoy myself during this whole experience.

    I am only at the initial stages in my affiliate experiences so it is heartening to hear from someone who has been at it for a few years and is enjoying a payday. Thanks for that inspiration!

    My goal is to start making some kind of income within a year, no matter how modest. I’m sure Wealthy Affiliate will help me achieve that goal just by following the course one segment at a time.

  40. The post is good and very informative.  It is important to tell your readers about dedication and hard work that is needed and you have done justice to that here. I like your honesty and you’re the first person who has actually said a few things they don’t like about the platform. Wealthy affiliate has been good since I joined in the last weeks and I’m glad I did join, I’m currently on training and i love that too

  41. You just gave a comprehensive article on wealthy affiliate.; Sincerely speaking I don’t have an idea of what my online status quo would be of not for wealthy affiliate. I had literally an awful experience (lost a lot of money) on different platforms that promises online/affiliate marketing success. But then, I found wealthy affiliate. I was exposed to quality trainings, communities that has lot of experience member and are always available to help, the platform even gave me the chance to host my website for free not to mention the keyword research tool. What more can I ask for.

    This post will definitely help a lot of people who has the hunger to be successful on the internet.


  42. This is a comprehensive review with a lot insight and an eye opener, yes I do agree with you that when you have zero knowledge about affiliate marketing Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to Join and I also agree that this is not a quick make money get rich quickly it requires hard work and discipline.

    I may take you on about the offer for private coaching can you send me a private message with detailed information? Waiting to hear from you 

  43. It’s awesome to see so many great experiences with Wealthy Affiliate. There are soooo many gurus out there selling courses for $997 while offering basic information. I like that theres a community that new marketers can work with to help them succeed. Plus, you dont have to buy the program right away, WA gives you the chance to just try it out first. Really informational. Thank you.

  44. I appreciate your experience concerning how you came across Wealthy Affiliate. Most of the reviews I have read are about people that have found affiliate marketing for the first time joining Wealthy Affiliate. But I found interesting that you first joined Solo Build it and after you became an established affiliate marketer you joined Wealthy Affiliate and you found the platform great. This Wealthy Affiliate review has a completely different approach from those other posts I have read on this topic. Thanks for the insight.

  45. Great review and you started just like me with Wealthy Affiliate. I also joined as a premium member the very next day after joining as I could see the value this platform had to offer me immediately. That was four years ago and I have never looked back.

    You have done a great job in explaining the best parts of the platform, although there is simply too much to mention in one post. What made me join initially was the great hosting and how easy it was to put a website together. Anyone can do this and it caters for everyone from beginner to the advanced marketer.

  46. Wow what a wealth of experienced and true witnesses of the successful members of Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a new member and I really appreciate all this useful information about this platform. I learned things I had queries for. Your article is so enlightening, optimistic and comprehensive. Really thanks and good luck to all of us.

  47. Thank you for your review of wealthy affiliate. It was one of the most honest reviews I have read, because you explained that you will get commission if people sign up. I appreciate that and I think you did the right thing by saying that.
    I am currently doing wealthy affiliate. I have gotten a lot of value out of the premium membership.
    I think that’s cool that you signed up to see if it was worth promoting. I signed up as a pretty much complete beginner to affiliate marketing. If I had not already signed up I would probably sign up through your link because this is a great review.

  48. Hi.

    Thank you so much for your honest review of Wealthy Affiliate. I am so much great-full to WA because it changed my life. I have been working here for 5 months. One of my friend recommended me to work here and I started. Now I am earning pretty well and it just changed my life. I have known many unknown information through your post.

    Thanks again for this review and I believe that your review will encourage people to work with Wealthy Affiliate and will change their life. So, I am gonna share this post to others.

  49. Néstor Llamas Llopis

    Wealthy Affiliate is perhaps the best online platform to start your business in affiliate marketing. For anyone new to this area, it can be a great explosion of success in the medium/long term. You do not need any previous knowledge of anything, just want to write and promote some type of product or service.

    The “Starter” plan hardly allows you to do anything, but the “Premium” plan has a great set of tools and services at your fingertips that make the task much easier. The information and the community are immense. The technical tools available have great potential. And the different internal services of this platform help automate and make this work much easier. In addition, an important fact to note is that with only two people who join Wealthy Affiliate under you as a referral you can already pay your monthly “Premium” membership for the money you get from them automatically each month.

  50. Fantastic review of Wealthy Affiliate!  I find your post here to be very inspiring and it’s just the kind of motivation that marketers who are slightly drifting off need to get them to spur into action again.  

    I would love to meet Kyle and Carson there one day just like you did!  

    And, I look forward to more updates from you!

  51. Boniface-AndroidBix


    That’s quite a comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate- and your style is likeable. 

    I started out with little knowledge on affiliate marketing but now I know quite a lot.

    Like you have posted, I, too like the success stories that community blogs about within Wealthy Affiliate. When I see dark days (which is often sometimes) like when I have a writer’s block and feel like giving up, I often end up at the Success Stories section within Wealthy Affiliate to get a new boost of inspiration. Sometimes I look up sites of successful people over at Alexa Ranking (siteinfo) and find them ever growing better.


    In your honest opinion postvypu have also mentioned things you do not like. For me I’d say the training is so much resource-wise that a beginner gets easily side tracked and sometimes this becomes costly. 



  52. Have you finished the Affiliate Bootcamp Training inside Wealthy Affiliate? 

    The reason I asked this is, I read in your review that you are looking for a more advanced training created for professionals. I mean, those of us who have been here in Internet marketing for decades now. I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate (since 2014) and I still haven’t implemented all the teachings in there especially those found in the Bootcamp Course as I see them as “advanced” especially the ones that will require money. 

    But I’d like to commend you on this meaty review of Wealthy Affiliate. What a great effort and congratulations for doing this. This has challenged me to create an equally long review of this program.

  53. This is a ton of information I would love to read over and over again. I have only recently registered with wealthy affiliate and my experience so far is indeed a nice one. Reading through this post just keeps making me happy about my decision on joinh the platform and gaining more knowledge of it. This is a very nice post, thumbs up.

  54. You have put together one fo the most intensive and in depth reviews of an affiliate marketing platform I have come across, excellent indeed. As much as you talk about Wealthy Affiliate updating their site to keep up with an ever changing marketing climate, you have done the same with your review.

    Looking at you figures, anymone can see that it is possible to make a very decent amount of revenue in time and certainly all the necessary tools and training are available to enabe you to do that. I am in the early stages of affiliate marketing, so I have a way to go but I at least know it’s possible to be successful as long as I put in the hard work. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say.

    I took adavantage of the free memebership, so I could really have a good look round, as you have suggested. It didn’t take me long to  take up the discounted monthly fee and go Premium. So basically, I enjoyed five weeks for the incredible price of $19.00. If you can’t make your mind up in that time frame, then maybe it’s not for you. It’s defintely for me and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in Vegas at some point in future. Maybe I’ll see you there.

  55. Thank you for this unbiased overview of Wealthy Affiliate and the other Affiliate Marketing companies you recommend.

    There is a huge amount to take in. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and working on the Super Affiliate Challenge, perhaps I shall meet you at Vegas. Who knows?

    This is another one to be bookmarked as I want to re-read the information.

    Kind regards,


  56. Thanks a lot for this details explanation on the Wealthy Affiliate review. This looks like a very interesting program, but I’m not sure if it is suitable for me. I actually already have a blog which I update every week. Can I move my blog to WA after I join this program?

    Thanks a lot for taking your time and put all these together.


  57. I love that you are up front and honest about what most people do without promoting wealthy affiliate and how you want to do a review that’s different. It makes the read so much easier and real. By sharing your personal story you show that you’re a real person doing real work to build your business online from home or where ever you choose to work from. I like that you share who it’s for and who it isn’t for. Not everyone can do this kind of work, so it’s important to be realistic for everyone. Thanks for an honest human review.

  58. Thank you for this very good and informative review of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a few years, and I must say that I agree with everything you wrote about Wealthy Affiliate.

    WA are kind of Affiliate University, and considering all the great tools they have, it’s the best place to start with affiliate marketing.

  59. Thanks for this amazing, educative and comprehensive review. Since I joined this wealthy affiliate program, I have never had any regret or so to complain about. This platform is a pure and vivid example of the believe that those who are hardworking will surely benefit from their hardwork. The training I have received in line with the experience is just unmeasurable and I can agree without wasting any time that this review is not just honest but on point. This platform is standing out among others and is changing lives and building careers. Kudos for this great review.

  60. Excellent article, I have to give a kudos to your writing prowess, I love reading it through, very interesting and not ambiguous, you have said it all and I agree with you, the best way to make money online is Wealthy Affiliate, the services to enjoy are magnificent and impressive, the training,24/7 community help, building website, choosing niche, generating traffic and other great benefits from this program,the private one-on-one coaching is fantastic. No different platform has offered this alternative before; it’s true, thank you for sharing this great post.

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  62. I totally agree with your summations on wealthy Affiliate. Joining the platform has been the best decision of my life and I am really enjoying every bit of time I spent on the platform. The training has made me to understand the rudiments of affiliate marketing and creating website and management too. Every penny and time I have spent on the platform is worthy of it. Thanks for the review

  63. Being a Premium member with a one-year membership I know the credibility and legitimacy of the online affiliate called WA or Wealthy Affiliate. The information you have listed and the things we could expect from this platform is awesomely unbelievable but true. We have built-in tools to create a major and powerful website that would become the top websites anytime between 3 months to six months with confidence to say this. It becomes a challenge as well because I am too excited to reach the position where traffic and earnings are busy working on my websites day in and day out. The beautiful thing of all is it is not empty wishful thinking but rather a solid possibility because it is what it is. Wealthy affiliate brought thousands of its members into at least 6 figure earners. Way to go Amazing indeed! It has at least 14 years of existence and with comprehensive training programs and everything, there is to need in a platform like this!

  64. This is indeed a very comprehensive and honest review, most especially for newbies who want to know more about wealthy affiliate, This breakdown gives  a thorough information on starting up a reputable affiliate campaign, although there is nothing like a perfect program, wealthy affiliate is close to perfection and it has changed my life in more ways than one. 

  65. My story was similar to you. Back in 2018 I needed to find an extra income and had always wondered about making money online. Luckily I didn’t come across too many scams online but did some and while I was reading the review WA was mentioned on the reviews. I saw that WA was free to join and the best part was that I get to try the free lessons. The coolest part was that I did not have to put my credit card information down at all to sign up. WA just wanted my email and my name and that was that. Right after I saw the videos and decided that OI want to give affiliate marking a try and become a premium member right after on the day 3. 

    I love the transparency and the training at WA. I guess you can just give it a try, what is there to lose? 

  66. Good and informative review. I really enjoyed reading it. There are so many scams, programs, platforms and all kinds of suspicious activity in money make online industries, it’s always nice to see honest reviews and tips on how to make money online but also avoid scams. I have been while on the money-making scheme and I have found only very few trustful and working communities and platforms. one of them is definitely a Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion. However, thank you for the good information 

  67. I have actually been using WA for quite some time now and it works, it does works and I couldn’t believe at first. Of course, not everything was easy, I had to put the effort into making my website work or even get raked on google, for anyone who wants to start an online business, WA is the one. Thanks Again

  68. Hello there. Very interesting and informative article. I agree with you that in the Make Money Online niche there is a lot of scam going around. Every time I talk to someone about making money online and he or she has no experience at all, I hear the “magic” words “it’s a scam” or “it’s impossible” or something similar.

    I’m certainly like your income numbers you have. I’ve been in WA for about 5 months now and although did not make any serious income (5$ selling some gaming mice), my website traffic and click rate have increased. Well I was informed that making an online business takes time.

    So far I’m quite pleased with my results but the clock ticks and there is always new map to tread to. I’m very happy I came across your article (and read it all!). Well I wish you make it again to Las Vegas this year! Have a nice day.

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