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The Best keyword Research Tools

When studying keywords for writing content the first question that comes to thought is, “What is the exceptional keyword device for SEO?” We recognize that having relevant keywords will improve the rankings of your content in Google.

But along with your relevant key phrases you need to have relevant content. Make certain you are writing for your visitors and now not for

keywords. Don’t focal point on keywords.

And having stated that you nonetheless favor to be the use of the exceptional key-word tool to flesh out the proper key phrases for your content. Also, content material is “still king” so make doubly sure that your content material is readable.

Likewise, if you don’t comprehend the first component about writing content material for your website you can always out-source it, and one writing carrier that I agree with has some of the pleasant writers is iWriter. They will write any size article for a small fee.

The reason of this article today is to provide an truthful assessment of the keyword search device called Jaaxy. First let me supply you a rapid overview of Jaaxy.

Jaaxy- The Overview

Name: Jaaxy

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website: https://www.jaaxy.com/?a_aid=1e0cdccd

Price: free, $49/mth, $99mth

Training: ninety eight out of 100

Support: a hundred out of 100

Overall Rank: 99 out of 100

Jaaxy – Is It The Best Keyword Tool?

Jaaxy touts itself as being the “ Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool Built for Internet Marketers.” Do they stay up to the hype? Let’s see.

Well let me tell you I don’t trust they’re blowing smoke. I trust Jaaxy is one of the most whole keyword search tools I’ve ever used.

Most don’t do 1/2 of what Jaaxy does! Not only will Jaaxy give you “related” keywords those that are associated to your target keyword, however you also have access to a “brainstorming platform.”


You can also check to see if the keyword is on hand to use in your area without leaving Jaaxy to go to a area internet site to check.

And if you’re a Wealthy Affiliate community top rate member you get Jaaxy Lite free of charge. How cool is that? Here are other benefits:


Phrase that person kinds in a search engine to find what they’re looking for.


Number of searches the key-word receives every month.


Visits to your internet site if you gain first page rankings in the search engines.

♠Quoted Search Results (QSR): The variety of competing web sites ranked in Google for this specific keyword.

♠Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI): Green is great. Yellow is okay. Red is poor.

♠SEO: A rating based totally on site visitors and competition, the greater the score, the more in all likelihood you will rank for this key-word on the first page (Scale of 1-00 greater equals better).


♠Domains: Availability of the domains that are related to the keyword.


The Simplest Guide to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

How to Drive Insane Traffic From Instagram to Your Website

How to Drive Crazy Web-traffic from Quora to Blog

Millions Of Keywords With A Click Of The Mouse

With greater key phrases at your fingers pointers you can retailer yourself hours of lookup time. Your average time saved per search is 10.8 minutes.

You get keywords from the top search engines out there. No one gives you more unapparelled access to search engine information than Jaaxy.

Jaaxy’s ever developing database of over 100’s of hundreds of thousands of key phrases is the most superior, mistake free and sound keyword lookup device on the market today.

Get the competitive area with Jaaxy and rank at will. Every business, blog site, affiliate website, e-commerce website, etc… wishes this keyword tool.

In different words, if YOU don’t have Jaaxy you are doing your business a first-rate disservice, due to the fact you are not ranking greater in the search engines as you ought to be, get it here.

What Is My Website Ranking?

“How is my website ranking?” should be a question that is constantly at the forefront of your affiliate advertising and marketing empire efforts. Higher rankings imply extra traffic and greater site visitors imply greater chance to generate income, but additionally to help someone.

Thus, Jaaxy will help you get the satisfactory of all three worlds; visitors, probability and give help. You will have a deeper grasp of what’s going on with your website(s). It will assist you recognize which prompts are helping you get ranked in the search engines and which things to do are not.


Also, you have the functionality to check out and song your competition. You’ll be in a position to examine their rating actions and see how it stacks up to yours.

Want to comprehend how the pinnacle guys do what they do? You will be in a position to use Jaaxy’s “Search Analysis” algorithm to assist you spy on the massive boys and study how they rank the way they do.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Keyword Tool – Jaaxy Honest Review

In fact whether or not you are a novice or a professional keyword researcher Jaaxy will help you rank better in the search engines. Other keyword search equipment out there promise, Jaaxy delivers!

Any way you reduce you can’t go incorrect with Jaaxy it is absolutely the “ Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool Built for Internet Marketers” besides a doubt.

Trust me that’s not hype that’s a fact. I’ve come throughout keyword search equipment who say they can do this or that, however Jaaxy walks the talk. It offers the whole lot it promises from establishing to the end.

Consequently, if I come off sounding like a salesman don’t imply too, however I love this key-word search tool, I use it each day, and do I favor you to attempt it, I certain do. Jaaxy is the exceptional aspect considering slice bread, and I loves me a properly historical piece of slice bread. Don’t let me toast it and put some butter & jelly on it, aww finger licking.

One greater thing, Jaaxy has any other benefit that comes with their key-word device platform known as “SiteRank” which is worth its weight in gold! You will recognize the place your website(s), pages, posts, etc… rank in the search engines with a click.


In addition, you’ll now not only be capable to search your ranking with a click, but you’ll additionally be able to tune your rankings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Jaaxy is the nice key-word device by using far, but you don’t have to take my phrase for it, test pressure it your self right right here for free and be amazed. And if you want to maintain getting it free simply grow to be a top class member in the Wealthy Affiliate neighborhood that’s it.

Much Success in all your endeavors.

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  1. Thanks for this great article. As a premium Wealthy Affiliate member I get unlimited access to Jaxxy. It gives me so many great keywords for my articles. It helps me find lower competition keywords for my website too, which helps because I am in a competitive niche. Sometimes seeing such a great keyword has low competition, gives me more hope for my website. I have not tried other paid keyword services so I can’t comment on those. But I get a lot of value out of Jaxxy. 

  2. I don’t remember who said this but few years ago, I heard someone said that keywords are no longer that important if you have an online business, and that you might waste a lot time find a good keyword research tool or doing the actual keyword research. I almost got carried away by that thought and were not paying attention to keywords with my blogging. It only changed recently when I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate and was introduced to Jaaxy. I learned that keywords are still important, and if someone dreams of winning with blogging and search engine optimization, he must have a good keyword research tool and do keyword research. Thanks to this awesome online community of affiliate marketers.

    Now, here’s my question: Have you every doubted the accuracy of the results being generated by Jaaxy keyword research tool?

  3. Very compact but informative review about the product! Being able to handle keywords and SEO effectively are one of the most important things of not only affiliate marketing but online business and marketing generally. I will take a further look at the pro and enterprise editions soon, at this moment I’m using the lite version. 

  4. Hello

    Very interesting your article

    Those who deal with affiliate marketing are the best tool for finding keywords.

    Spell out your keyword and show you many options to get to the most popular keyword to place on your blog

    Also the ranking of the website depends on the keywords where Jaaxy will help you get visitors

    Thank you for your information and your enlightening article.

  5. This is awesome news. I have been looking for a robust keyword research tool that is not expensive. I am really tired of the keyword tool I use now, not going to slam the creator of that tool here, and I like the information you have provided here about the Jaaxy keyword research tool.

    The prices are amazing, especially for everything it offers beyond simple researching of keywords. Being able to see what the quoted search results are, researching available domains that match my searched keyword, and where is my website ranked in the search engines, are features that others charge extra for.

    For a price of $49.00 per month, you certainly get a lot for less than what others charge. In the image you have provided it shows a Jaaxy Lite version that is free and has only a couple of features less than the $49.00 version. Do you have to be a member of this Wealthy Affiliate to get that free “Lite” version or can anyone access it?

  6. Very informative article!  I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and use Jaaxy for my keyword research before I write all my posts.  Could not live without it!  Keyword research is the “key” to SEO!

    I also love your reference to toast. No more dry toast if you use Jaaxy!  

    Thanks for sharing this!

  7. One of the first greatest wish of a web owner is to see that  there are  leads on his site. I have a web and have had quite a number of leads on my site but I want more and this is why after reading this amazing post I have decided to give backlink beat a trial. Thanks for the suggestuon

  8. Considering the performance and the benefits associated with making use of jaxxy, the price seems way too cheap for the benefits. I make use of jaxxy and I must tell you that it has been excellent. I particularly like it because it helps with keywords research and also suggestions too. Also, I get to see the chances of my keywords to getting rated. Also, I like that I can do a quick peep into competitors and get their areas of strength and where I lack. Jacxy in general is awesome and I have never regretted making use of it.

  9. Thabk you for this honest review on the jaxxxy keyword research tool. I am on a platform that uses it and I didn’t really understood how it works but having read it now, I know that one can use it to drive home traffic to the site by doing indept research on the search engines. I understand too what keywords are and how they work. Thanks again for the info. I learnt a great deal.

  10. I am a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer working from home. Creating quality content is the main part of my business. Since I am focusing on organic traffic, one of the main tools I use on a daily basis is the keyword research tool.

    I have 280+ posts on my site and all those posts are created using Jaaxy. For the past 2.5 years, I am using Jaaxy and Jaaxy is one of the very best keyword tools I came across online. It’s more than a keyword research tool.

    Alphabet soup technique, Brainstorm, search analysis, etc are some features I am amazed at Jaaxy apart from keyword research. I am a fan of Jaaxy tool.

  11. For a business to rank well on Google search engine and as well get alot of engagement, traffic and audience, there’s need to consider Keywords research tools and SEO. Which keywords researcher can do this amazing work than jaaxy? Jaaxy has a good reputation and is able to develop a quality database of many keywords phrases that can rank our website even higher than many competitive website. Those keywords are error free and happened to be a vibrant and non outdated words that the market is looking for. Wealthy affiliate members are a great users of this platform. Is it open for non wealthy affiliate members?

  12. Thank you so much for this wonderful review of the keyword tool, I think keyword is really essential in making a website rank faster and writing useful content. I have used jaaxy morning than a couple times and I can attest to it uniqueness. I will recommend it anytime any day. 

  13. With my premium membership to Wealthy Affiliate, i appreciate how much I have learned about the importance of keyword search. Jaaxy is incomparable when it comes to ease of use that even beginners can fully understand how it works for the content. I learned how to do simple analysis on which keywords to be used by looking at the competition, number of keyword search and related topics I can use. keyword tools like Jaaxy is very significant if you want to make progress in ranking. I can’t start writing without it.

  14. As I opened the page of your website, I was a bit confused by your header, then I realized you have ads up on top in the header.  I would much rather like to see YOUR logo and business name in this space as that I feel is what a header is and no ads should be part of that section of a website.   Also, it is too big and distracting.  I have to confess when I saw that I had no interest in viewing the rest of the site, and felt I was out of there.

    With a better, more relevant header to your niche – you will gain the attraction and boost engagement.  I hope this makes sense,   Your header needs to let the viewer see what the site is all about and grab them to go further inside.

  15. Brian Perisho - Fireman Marketing

    Thanks for your detailed article about Jaxxy.  It is one of the best keyword research tools I’ve ever used.  I find it is better than all the free options out there.  It goes more into detail on the search results than for say keyword explorer.

    I also like to use something that not everyone else is using.  Different source means different results.

  16. I have used Jaaxy a lot and I have found it to be really useful but there are still some questions I have.

    I have learned that average traffic, QSR and SEO may be the main things to look at but I am always torn by how much traffic a site may get if it ranks on the 1st page of Google or is it better to keep the QSR below 100. I tend try and keep the average traffic to a minimum of 50 and always keep the QSR below 100 but I was doing some research on Pinterest this week they may be a bit different. They are recommending that you go for the big, broad keywords that bring in a lot of traffic. I know that is a social media site and is different than finding a great keyword to write an article or blog about.

    Do you have any more specific advice?

  17. I can’t say if Jaaxy is really the best keyword tool out there as I have only tried three others, but I can tell you that it is definitely the best out of the three that I did try.

    It is quick and easy to use, and my pages are ranking well in Google, so my keyword research on Jaaxy must be working. I also love the page rank tool. It is a quick method to see just where each of your pages is ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo. I find this very useful as if I see my pages dropping in rank, I simply go in and update them with new information, and this brings them right up again.

  18. Well I could certainly do with a bit of help on the SEO side of things – I’ve been using a free tool for the past few months and although it seems pretty dynamic, my traffic results have been poor at best. 

    I really like the idea that this Jaaxy tool has a competition parameter, so that you will actually know for once what you are going up against with each keyword. How easy is it to learn?

  19. Thank you for your informative article. I have just started using Jaaxy for the past few months and this post taught me more about keywords that I had no clue about.

    Best wishes

  20. Hi

    A great in depth review of Jaxxy!

    I have used Jaxxy before and it really does detail out every aspect to help improve SEO.

    I love how it tells you if your chosen keyword is going to be easy or difficult to rank for thanks to its ‘traffic light’ system.

    I have used many other keyword research tools and Jaxxy most definitely comes out on top! 

    I still use it today and will continue to do so! 

  21. I am using the Jaaxy Keyword tool at the moment and I can say it has a lot to offer. It performs all that there is to be performed, not only keyword research but also great suggestions that you can implement to rank. The pricing is also fair, considering you will be getting all the values associated with it.

    This is also my number one recommendation and I would advice inline entrepreneurs to make use of this tool. You have explained well on how the tool works. 100% agreed!

  22. Loads of information for affiliate marketing. Your site is attractive and posts easy to find and read. Great topics and information for those already doing affiliate marketing. Continue putting the content out and all the best as you continue with traffic. You have a great span of ideas I learned about fiver, video game income, and more. I really like your site and so happy for the success you have had thus far. 


  23. There’s not much else to say here other than I agree.  Jaaxy really is a great tool for “Keyword” research.  Perhaps the best?  Of that, I am not sure because it’s the only one I have used and I am quite happy with it.

    It tells me everything I need to know about a specific keyword/s and I really like the brainstorming aspect especially when I’me not sure about the words I am searching.

    I’m just starting to use the “Site Rank” portion of the tool.  It’s always nice to see where one’s site lines up in the different search engines.

    Definitely glad to have it working for me and helping to improve the quality of my content and rank.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


  24. I have to say that Jaaxy is doing the job for me. I am happy with their service and I would highly recommend it. This is the first time I used a keyword search tool so, to be honest, I have no idea how the others work and what would be the difference. But again, since it’s already doing a great job for me and helped me grew my online business, this is highly recommended. Great article! Cheers!

  25. Excellent article you have written up here and I cannot agree less with your summation on the performance of jasxu and arguably being the best ever keyword research tool. Being g a wealthy Affiliate member, I have direct assess to the lite version and I can say that even the lite version is capable of catapulting a novice to a powerful content providing website through appropriate keyword search. To be honest, jaxxy is just exceptional with all the unique tools it boasts of.

  26. Very interesting article and I cannot agree less with you concerning the benefits attached to making use of jaxxy keyword tool. I like the features it has such as getting to check one’s ranking, getting to support the right keyword search and knowing my chances of a possible ranking with any keywords. It is really the peak of any SEO mechanism. Thanks so much for reviewing jaxxy

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